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  • Dear Martin, thanks for your reply. I've checked the OS_Global struct and realize that this struct was not aligned between our library that contains the embos and the application that uses such library. More in detail we were using SYMBOLS+=-DOS_PROFILE=0 in the library while SYMBOLS+=-DOS_LIBMODE_DP in the application. The structure below was then not consistent in the whole project and causes the error. C Source Code (43 lines)Thanks a lot for your support.

  • Hello Everyone, I'm having a strange issue with a new implementation with embOS 4.26, STM32L4 uc and GCC 8.0-2019q3. The problem is with the OS_TICK_Handle function that is causing OS_ERR_ILLEGAL_OUT ISR error as soon as it is called. SysTick_Handler function is directly called from the isr vector and is the hardware systick timer. Source Code (13 lines)The same code above is working fine in other projects. The workaround I found is to call the SysTick_Handler function from "OS_CallNestableISR" …