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  • use the following, WM_PAINT: GUI_SetBkColor(GUI_WHITE); GUI_Clear(); GUI_PNG_Draw(_acwifi_connected,sizeof(_acwifi_connected) , 0,0); break; Regards, Rohit M.

  • Use following function. SCROLLBAR_SetDefaultWidth() This function Sets the default width used to create a SCROLLBAR widget.

  • Configure MPU for sdram region. /** * @brief Configure the MPU attributes as Write Through for SRAM1/2. * @note The Base Address is 0xC0000000 since this memory interface is the AXI. * The Region Size is 8MB, it is related to SRAM1 and SRAM2 memory size. * @param None * @retval None */ static void MPU_SDRAM_Config (void) { MPU_Region_InitTypeDef MPU_InitStruct; /* Disable the MPU */ HAL_MPU_Disable(); /* Configure the MPU attributes for SDRAM */ MPU_InitStruct.Enable = MPU_REGION_ENABLE; MPU_Ini…

  • Thank you selso.

  • I am using this workaround to clear the complete screen. static void _ClearScreen(WM_MESSAGE *pMsg) { WM_HWIN hItem; hItem = WM_GetDialogItem(pMsg->hWin, ID_MULTIEDIT_0); MULTIEDIT_SetMaxNumChars(hItem, 1); MULTIEDIT_SetMaxNumChars(hItem, MAXIMUM_NO_CHARS); } But what is the proper way to delete the data in FIFO manner. If anyone has tried pls help. Thanks and Best Regards, Rohit Mishra.

  • pls check the link above.

  • pls share your code, so we could understand it better.

  • Hi Shal, You have allocated 128Kb of memory for EMWIN from microcontrollers ram. (GUIConfig.c file). // // Define the available number of bytes available for the GUI // #define GUI_NUMBYTES ( 128 * 1024) //4*1024 // // 32 bit aligned memory area // static __no_init U32 g_emWinMemory[GUI_NUMBYTES / 4];// @ 0xC0400000; Try allocating it into SDRAM Space, by modifying above code as follows. static __no_init U32 g_emWinMemory[GUI_NUMBYTES / 4] @ 0xC0400000;

  • Hi guys, I wanted to clear a multiedit widget after certain amount of character is written into it. I am not able to find any related api, and also not able to create a logic to do so from available list of API. pls guide me. Best Rgds, Rohit Mishra

  • ListView Swipe.

    mrohit2011 - - emWin related


    Dear Segger Team, I have tried to implement listview siwpe using the touch call back as shown below. Output generated by below logic is not smooth also it is very slow. So please suggest me some better technique to implement it. C Source Code (47 lines) Rgds, Rohit.

  • Also can i get handle of Scrollbar attached to listview widget. Thanks and Best Regards, Rohit M.

  • Scrollable Listview.

    mrohit2011 - - emWin related


    Dear Segger Team, I wanted to implement Scrollable listview, so i used the sample code provided for scrollable listbox(please refer attachment). The Problem i am facing here is the whole listview widget scrolls i.e. the cells as well as the header (complete widget). Please provide some code so that the widget remain fixed and the cells scroll. Thanks in advance. Best Regards, Rohit

  • i am using freeRtos. "why are you getting a task exit error?" The Scheduler is checking for any task exit error before context switch. When DROPDOWN_Expand is called the program crashes. This is due to some memory locking issue ? When i tested this condition with stm32f429 stemwin library it is working fine. But there is some issue with stm32f7 stemwin library......? Is there any work around to get rid of the lockout condition....? Thanks and Best Regards, Rohit

  • I am not able to solve this problem.... If anyone faced the same issue pls reply.....

  • Hi Sven, I am also facing the same issue, I just tested the code modified by you. But still i am facing the same issue. Please find the screen shot of call stack window in the attachment. Also One more interesting thing is if I Add string of character size i.e. "Fe","Zn","Al".. and check the dropdown , it does not crashes. But when i increase the size more than 2 chars i.e. Fe_Steel, Zn_Si.... it crashes. Please help .... Thanks and Best Regards, Rohit.

  • Whenever the icons are activated and screen is swiped, there are glitches observed onto the screen. Please check the attached code and suggest us some way to optimize it. Thanks in Advance. Best Regards, Rohit Mishra.

  • Listview problems

    mrohit2011 - - emWin related


    I am using Stemwin 5.32b. From where can i download your latest version ? On ST site, the latest version is emWin V5.32.

  • I am using Stemwin 5.32b.

  • While I am trying to move the horizontal scroll bar of listview, the header remains fixed. I want that the header should also get scrolled with horizontal scroll bar and the cells. Also is there any workaround to freeze or fix row in listview. Regards, Rohit Mishra.

  • Dear Team, i am creating a settings menu using dialog box which includes Swipelist, Text Box and Button. When back button is clicked , GUI_EndDialog is called and the program crashes (Hardware Fault Error). When i Remove the Swipelist and test the same program, it works very much fine. I am not able to figure what is the issue with swipelist. Please refer code in attachment. Regards, Rohit