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  • [SOLVED] JLink Scripts

    ppryga - - J-Link/Flasher related


    Hello! I would like to ask about JLink scripts. There is a possiblitiy to print some messages by use of JLINK_SYS_Report and JLINK_SYS_Report1 functions. When I use them in e.g. InitTarget() and run JLinkGDBServerCLExe with the script I can't see my output. What did I do wrong?

  • ve got a JTAG (J-Link more precisely) related problem. I'm trying to connect by J-Link to raspberry pi 3b+ (bare-metal). The probe finds the CPU and reads coresight ROM table, but there are missing information about Cross Trigger Interface (CTI). The units are available in the CPU according to ARM documentation. There is a possibility to write a special script for J-Link, to set up CPU but documentation is poor and I do not know how to do it. It there anyone who had or met with similar problem? …