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  • Hello, The error code 63 is an indication that the internal storage of the Flasher 5 is damaged. This error has nothing to do with the type of device selected and is probably the difference in the the size of the data file being programmed that makes the error being reported for one device and not for the other. I am afraid that your Flasher 5 device is damaged and cannot be used reliably anymore. You can take advantage of our trade-in program and purchase a new Flasher 5 at a discounted price: …

  • Hello, We plan to add support for the Cypress S25FL256L device but I cannot give you a fixed availability date. We will try to have it ready by the beginning of next year. Best regards, Marius

  • Hello Rune, emFile does not provide any API that can be used to get progress information about the high-level format operation. You will have to get that information by looking a the low-level operations performed in the hardware layer of the SD / MMC driver. Best Regards, Marius

  • Hello Dave, Quote: “ Is emFile suitable for: - nor SQI flash 64Mb - use under FreeRTOS (customer requirement) ” emFile supports SPI NOR flash via the NOR driver. The file system can be used with any operating system including FreeRTOS. Quote: “Is a hook provided to flush any cache for use entering power-down? ” emFile does not provide such a functionality. Quote: “Or is it expected that external hardware resets the processor while giving the flash time to finish up any operations in progress? ” …

  • Hi, The libraries found in the archive can be used only on Windows. You can used this trial package to test the file system on a Windows PC as described in the section "2.2 Using the Windows sample" of the emFile manual. If you want to test emFile on a target hardware you will have to use the emFile libraries that come with one of the evaluation software packages available from here: I am not sure what CPU you are using but if it is a Cort…

  • Hello, There are many reasons why the file system gets corrupted. The typical reason for the corruption of the file system stored on a NAND flash is the occurrence of uncorrectable bit errors. Bit errors can occur during the normal operation of the NAND flash and ECC has to be employed to correct them. If more bit errors occur than the ECC is able to correct the data gets corrupted. The datasheet of the NAND flash documents how many bit errors the ECC have to be able to correct in a specified da…

  • eMMC power consumption

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    Hello Kari, eMMC devices use a request-response serial protocol to communicate with the host. There is an overhead related to exchanging data transfer that involves selecting the device, sending the command that starts the data access, etc. Your application can achieve better performance by keeping this overhead to a minimum. This means that the application has to transfer as much data at once as possible. The data to be exchanged has to be aligned to a logical sector boundary and a multiple of …

  • Hello Micaël, It looks like your Flasher 5 device has been damaged. The data file is stored to a non-volatile memory and should survive a power cycle. You can trade in your defective device under the conditions described here: Best regards, Marius

  • Hello, The error indicates that the file system has been corrupted. More exactly, a FAT cluster is marked as in use in the allocation table but FS_CheckDisk() cannot find any file or directory that actually uses this cluster. The FAT file system is not fail-safe by design and a sudden reset can easily corrupt it. SEGGER provides a Journaling add-on that can be used to make the FAT file system fail-safe. You will have to use this add-on to protect the structure of the file system against sudden r…

  • Hello John, Unfortunately there is no other way to update the firmware of the Flasher 5 PRO. The firmware image you generated seems to be OK. I was able to downgrade my Flasher 5 PRO from version 2.14b to using it. Do you see any activity on the green LED after you plug in the USB cable to perform the firmware update? Is the firmware image still present on the internal storage of the Flasher 5 PRO after the firmware update? Best regards, Marius

  • Hello John, I have uploaded the version 2.00x of the Flasher software to our website. You can download it from here: The "firmware.bin" file can be created by converting to binary the "Firmware/FW600.mot" file located in the installation directory of the Flasher software. Best regards, Marius

  • Hello, Would it be possible to try to update the firmware of the Flasher 5 PRO as described in the following steps? Thank you. - Remove the USB cable. - Insert the USB cable while keeping pressed the "Start/Stop" key of the Flasher 5 PRO. - Release "Start/Stop" key of the Flasher 5 PRO after the green LED stops blinking. - Open the "Computer" window on the Windows PC. The internal persistent storage of the Flasher 5 PRO should be visible in there as removable device. - Right-click on the removab…

  • Hello Gaugan, I analyzed the logs but I was not able to find any reason why the mounting of the SD card fails The communication to SD card seem to work properly. Could you please post a screen capture of the call stack showing in which function the code actually blocks? Thank you. Best regards, Marius

  • Hello Gaugan, Would it be possible to enable the debug output of the SD / MMC driver and post the log? The debug output can be enabled by adding the following two defines to FS_Conf.h: C Source Code (2 lines) Thank you. Best regards, Marius

  • Hello, There are two possibilities to handle more than one partition on an SD card: 1) Using the logical volume feature that allows the application to configure a fixed partition size and offset. You can find more information in the sections "4.3.6 FS_LOGVOL_Create()" and "4.3.7 FS_LOGVOL_AddDevice()" of the emFile manual. 2) Using the disk partition logical driver that employs the information stored in the Master Boot Partition. For more information please refer to the "7.2 Disk partition drive…

  • Hello Martynas, We will provide you the requested information via the support email. Best regards, Marius

  • Hello Dave, We are not aware of this behavior. The error messages suggest that the SPI data transfer is not working properly. I suggest you to check first if the SPI controller is correctly configured: - Data is sampled on the rising edge of the clock signal. - The clock signal is HIGH in idle state. You can find more information in the section " (*pfWrite)()" of the emFile manual. Best regards, Marius

  • Hello Donal, The Micron MT29F1G01 is supported by the emFile Universal NAND driver. This driver does not perform partial writes to a NAND page. It always writes an entire NAND page at once. Regarding buffering: Using a buffer when writing small chunks of data is recommended for better write performance and for preserving the lifetime of the NAND flash. emFile comes with a configurable file buffer therefor the application is not required to buffer the data itself. Best regards, Marius

  • Hello Stefan, You can use FS_LOGVOL_Create()/FS_LOGVOL_AddDevice() functions to create two separate volumes on the NOR flash. An example is provided in the section "4.3.7 FS_LOGVOL_AddDevice()" of the emFile manual. The volumes can be accessed from different tasks provided FS_OS_LOCKING is set to 1 or 2. Best regards, Marius

  • FAT licence

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    Hello Zdenek, Only the handling of long file names is patented by Microsoft. According to some of these patents are still valid, especially in Europe. I recommend you to get in contact directly with Microsoft in order to evaluate these legal issues. No licensing is required if your application uses file names in 8.3 format. Best regards, Marius