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  • Thank you! it solved the issue! I did GUI_LANG_SetMaxNumLang(MAX_LANGUAGE_NUM).

  • Hi again Florian, I Still could not solve the issue. I would like to send a test application for you. Its really a blocker for us. I cannot attach the file here since its larger than the max allowed. Is there an email that I can send to? Thanks.

  • I don't use SDK. I work with installed JLink_Windows_V654c. With RedirectStandardInput = false, i get mesages from jlink. When i set RedirectStandardInput = true, i can not to write to jlink, but i stop receiving messages from jlink.

  • Hi, Did you try to reproduce the issue with the same version I have? (54401)? Do you suggest to upgrade to a newer version? if yes, which version should I use in hope to solve the issue. Thanks.

  • Hi, How could it be a memory issue? your manual says that the emwin releases the resources when loading a new CSV/Text file. Is there a way to release the resources manually? See the following numbers: Num of free bytes before calling the Load function is: 199,252 Num of free bytes after calling the load Function for the first time: 59,844 Of course there will be no space for extra load if the load function does not release the resource! My GUI_NUMBYTES is 256K Source Code (1 line)Senario for GU…

  • Hi, This is the version. Source Code (1 line) I'm afraid I cannot send the application and the CSV files. But I started to suspect that the library does not clean the resources. Test scenario 1: I have a big CSV file (60k) when trying to load it twice it fails on the second one. Test scenario 2: I have another CSV file (20k) I load it 4 times, the fourth fails . I can attach the conf files. Please find attached.

  • Hi I work with jlink I run jlink.exe from c# app (VS2010) as a process, but I don't get jlink app messages Can someone help me ? Thanks

  • Hi, Im using the Library of ST on my STM32H7 MCU. Library version: STemWin_CM7_wc32_ot_ARGB. This issue is a blocker for me . I'd be glad if there are any ideas of the source of the issue. Thanks.

  • Hi Florian, Thanks for the reply. I can reproduce the issue only with big CSV files. Source Code (3 lines)in test1 I get the number of languages in the file. in test2 I get 0 -> Failure. The CSV file (Array) is Valid, its a const array located on the External Flash: Source Code (1 line)As I mentioned earlier, when applying the same scenario with a smaller CSV (20K) for example, it works fine.

  • Hi, As noted in the emwin manual, when calling GUI_LANG_LoadCSVEx it deletes the old resources and loads the new one. The scenario in my code is: 1. Load CSV1 -> read values 2. Load CSV2 -> read values 3. Load CSV3 -> read values So far no issues, works perfectly. 4. Load CSV1 again -> Fails (GUI_LANG_LoadCSVEx return 0). Note: if I reload CSV2 or CSV3 Again, it does not fail. Also if I load CSV1 twice in a raw (only for debug), it fails 1. Load CSV1 -> read 2. Load CSV1 again -> Failes. Note: C…

  • Hi, Thanks for the reply. For opening and supporting a new device, I need a flash loader, which flash loader can I use? STMF7 flash loader would match? I tried it, and got failure.

  • Hi, I'm using j-link in order to program my STM32H743 device via IAR IDE. I'm using extened ex-flash (winbond W25Q128JV) with QSPI interface. In my code, I defined an image with an address on the external flash. __root const unsigned char _acImage_01_16bit565[109512UL+ 1] [b]@ 0x90000000[/b] When I try to program the device I get the following error window (see attached). Tue Aug 27, 2019 12:53:14: Flash download warning: 109513 out of 109513 bytes from data record CODE:[0x90000000,0x9001ABC8] w…

  • Hi, When I use BITMAP array it's also placed on the external memory. Displaying the Bitmap has no issues. But I also thought that this might be a problem of memory, so I placed the C-array on the internal Flash. I attached another interested "bad" image display (you can see the difference between the BITMAP display and the PNG I attached both). The PNG again is converted via Bin2C.exe Attached also the .C files for both the BIN2C and BITMAP.

  • Hi, STemWin526_CM4_OS_IAR. Also, I downloaded emwin_png library and added V526 to my project. The strange thing is that the bitmap option works fine. (I don't think its specificly a PNG issue because also GUI_BMP_Draw does not work fine with these configurations).

  • Hi, Attached the Conf files.

  • Hi, thanks for the reply. I tried also to convert the png to bmp (binary not bitmap) and used GUI_BMP_Draw, its also not good. - does this also happen with other PNGs? Yes, but different display issues (for example, I tried to display a logo, and it was dispalyed with different colors does not match the origin). and ofcourse when displaying the same logo using bitmap it works fine. attached the .c file og the PNG image created by Bin2C.exe (attached it as .txt file). I'm not sure I can attach th…

  • Hi, I have a .png image, converted to .c using Bin2C.exe tool. I used GUI_PNG_Draw function to display the icon on screen. The icon was displayed with missing pixels or some shift I don't know exactly what is the issue. Important to note, that I tried displaying the same image using GUI_DrawBitmap using Bitmap Converter and the icon was displayed perfectly! Also, its a must for me to use PNG and not bitmap bmp image. I attached the result of displaying the PNG using GUI_PNG_Draw also the result …

  • Hi, For debugging and testing I'm using Keil. For the current stage, I sent the .hex for another party in the project to use it. They only want to burn it for testing thier application. Next time, I will order one with Flash. ;) Thanks.

  • Hi, Thanks for the quick reply. All fine, I understood now, the problem si that the DA14580 does not have a flash. Thanks for your help. BR, Ezza

  • Hi, Can you please give me an answer for this question? Does J-link Flash-Lite Support Dialog DA14580?