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  • I did have a genuine overlap. The bootloader grew so big that it overwrote settings backup. Shame bootloader build didn't fail due to oversized section.

  • Hi, when all downloads fine I can see the sections loaded in the status window. but in the case I mistakenly get an overlap I just get an error popup "Cannot download multiple load files because they overlap". Can I see anywhere in the logs which section/region was causing the issue? Can objdump -h just list the read only; destined for flash sections of the elf? Regards, Owain

  • Hi, I am trying to get linker to create a variable pointer to a specfic location. If I can't get linker to do this I will have to do by just defining a "char *" and setting the pointer to an absolute location. But I wanted to do this from linker file and I think it should work. <ProgramSection alignment="4" load="no" start ="$(FLASH_FW_REV_START)" size="$(REV_SIZE)" name=".firmwareRevisionRecord" address_symbol="__start_fw_revision_record" /> but linker seems to create a loadable section.... *fi…

  • I just closed the new combined solution and reopened. I can now modify the settings that I lost.

  • Hi Nino and fellow developers, I have been working on two applications and now I want to combine both these projects in one solution so I can debug together; first application being a bootloader and the second being our runtime application. I create a new "empty solution"; right click add existing project and add in the two projects. My project explorer seems to show these now as a top level solution containing two solutions each containing a project. See attachment. I now try and build the two …

  • Hi Nino, has this "bug" in SES been fixed yet; in what version; I am running 4.12.…ister-arrays-of-nRF52840/ Has Nordic updated the SVD to not use hex array dimensions or have you altered SES to accept hex dimensions? Regards, Owain

  • I have configured external editor as per instructions. This works fine if one does "shift double click" on a C file in the project explorer; but is one drills down to header files from that C file, the "shift double click" on the header does not open in the external editor, but the internal editor. It would be good to also open in the external editor.

  • Also assuming I have selected my application to debug; where is it specified the type of reset that will be done when I hit the reset button of the debugger. I assume I want to have a real hard reset causing control to come up via bootrom. Is this the target script (TargetInterface.resetAndStop())? Does this mean when I have the application project "active" the reset button will hard reset the target and stop; or run through bootrom and stop if I hit my application main()?

  • Hi Nino, Reply in forum as suggested.... I am trying to debug bootrom and application at same time; having access to symbols from both binaries. When debugging application and resetting to traverse bootrom and enter application. Unfortunately the two binaries bootrom and application have been built in separate solutions. You suggested I build the two "projects" in one solution; as per following..... "Hi Owain, Thank you for your inquiry. To set up an Embedded Studio solution with bootloader and …