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  • Dear Nino, Thank, I've got it kinda sorta working while using the Z7010. There are a few weird things happening, but I think that is has to do with the Xilinx, rather than the Segger tooling. Thank you! Kind regards, Tom

  • Dear, I noticed that for the EmUSB, there is support for the single core Xilinx Zynq devices (as also used on the Avnet Minized). We are using the single core (Z7014s), would it be possible to manually edit some files to make it possible to use the Segger GDB server on this device? We have it working on the Microzed, but we really would like to have it working on the single core variant also, that is used on our product. Kind regards, Tom Lamers

  • Is there already an update about this issue? We really need the erase function now because sometimes, a DUT in a testfixture needs to be re-programmed after a fix in the pcb. It's annoying to have an additional programming environment at our PCB assembly house just to erase the DUT's before we can program them again.

  • Hello all, Short description: The Microcontroller doesn't start after programming in stand-alone mode, equal to post: [SOLVED]'start application' in Stand Alone mode My Setup: Segger Flasher Arm, S/N 16410XXXX Software version: Latest, came with J-Flash V5.10D. Microcontroller: Atmel ATSam4LC8C When programming in J-Flash, I use the 'Auto' function. Settings: Erase [chip], Program, Verify[CRC] and Start Application [Via SFR access] After programming, I have to start the application with the [F9]…

  • Hi Erik, that is correct, after setting the security bit we cannot longer use the "Connect..." function in J-Flash. please do add me to the software and update notifications, so we can implement this in the future as soon as it is available. We really would like to use the stand-alone "Flasher Portable" to do in-the-field updates. For now, we'll just have to do it by hand. Thanks for your reply.

  • Hi all, in our application, we use a Atmel SAM4LC8 that we would like to re-program ("update") in the field. We use a Segger Flasher ARM to initially program the micro controller. In the software, the security bit is set. After this, the only way to re-program the device is sending an "Erase" instruction. When we send an "erase" instruction in Atmel Studio 6.2, we can re-program the device without any problems. Now we would like to re-program the device with J-Flash (later with the "AUTO" functi…