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  • Hi Florian, Thanks for correcting my mistake of using EDIT_SetMaxLen(). Regards, Ross

  • Hi, This issue is finally solved by changing the element Para of Edit in resource table. As said in datasheet of emwin " The element Para is used according to the parameter MaxLen of the function EDIT_CreateEx()." Original code: Source Code (1 line) Modified code: Source Code (1 line)

  • I have a Edit on a Dialog which should display a default string like "123456_789abc". However, when I run this code, only "123456_7" is displayed while other chars are missing. I typed the missing chars into the Edit on touch screen manually and it is succesful. This means the Edit have enough space to display the whole string. The question is why the string is truncated in this Edit? Source Code (36 lines)

  • I want to display data within range 0~50000 in a GRAPH. The GRAPH vertical size is 500. Is it possible to display the data of this range on 500 pixels only, I mean without the use of vertical scroll?

  • Problem is solved. When the SDRAM clock frequency drops from 72Mhz to 36Mhz, the emwin runs well. The SDRAM controller need to be check and reconfigured later but the emwin is ok.

  • Hi Sven, Thanks for reply. I've deleted some codes that are not related with STemwin and run the project again. This time, the HardFault is still triggered but with different callers. However, I've tested several times and found the callers are all belongs to GUI_Alloc. The attachment is the STemwin folder in this project.In this project, both the video memory and GUI memory are all at SDRAM. The SDRAM is 32M byte with 16bit data width. The SDRAM space start from 0xC0000000. The video memory sta…

  • I use Cubemx to generate an LCD+SDRAM+STemwin project and run it on my STM32F429II board. In this project, when the code run into GUI_CreateDialogBox(), it jumps to HardFault_Handler() automatically. I read the stack and find the caller of HardFault_Handler() is _RemoveHoles() from GUI_Alloc. I repeated this several times and every time the caller is the same. To debug this issue I have done following steps but can't solve the problem. 1. set the stack and heap size to 0xf000(very large) 2. veri…

  • My design includes one Edit and two keyboards( alphabet keyboard and digital keyboard). The intention is when Edit is clicked, one of the two keyboards appears. One type of keyboard can switch to another type by clicking the "abc" or "123" button. The implementation is like this: When the Edit receives WM_NOTIFICATION_CLICKED message, it creates or shows the keyboard. When it receives WM_NOTIFICATION_LOST_FOCUS message, it hides the keyboard. All the keys on the keyboard are set to lost focus wi…

  • When I use GUI_CreateDialogBox() to create a dialog including a window, I find that the code in WM_CREATE branch of callback function is not excuted. Then I set breakpoint in WM_CREATE branch and find it never arrived. However, if I just use WM_CreateWindow() to create the window with the same callback function, the WM_CREATE branch can be excuted. So my quesiton is does GUI_CreateDialogBox() really can not sent the WM_CREATE message or is there something wrong when I use GUI_CreateDialogBox()? …

  • Is there any way to remove the leading zero in spinbox? For example, if I set the Min and Max of a spinbox as 10 and 100, then when I input the value '24' , the spinbox displays '024'. How can I remove the leading zero? Thank you.

  • When I switch the views, I'm a bit confused about the correct function to use. For example, I have a Window0 which has a button leading to Window1. Then, in the Window0's button callback functions regarding message WM_NOTIFICATION_RELEASED, I'm not very clear about which of the following functions to take: 1. WM_DeleteWindow(); 2. WM_HideWindow(); 3. GUI_EndDialog(); They both seem to be able to make Window0 disappear and also have methods to Show or Create Window0 again afterward, but which fun…

  • That's great. Thanks!

  • If I want to implement a mobile like interface, which has several views. Each view has a bunch of fixed widgets(like status bar) and changable widgets. According to your explaination, my idea is to design 2 windows in 1 dialog, one window is for the fixed part and the other window is for the changable part. Is it a feasible solution or is there a common solution for this scenario?

  • When I design UI with emwin, I find that I can implement my interface with either frame, window or dialog, so my question is what's the difference between these three types? What is the application scenario for each type? Thank you.