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  • EmbOS/IP on LPC 177x

    vaisakh - - emNet related


    Does the port of embOS/IP on LPC177x utilize the hardware features like DMA, CRC etc? With thanks Vaisakh N

  • How to do time synchronization ?

    vaisakhn - - General


    Dear all, I have some queries regarding time synchronization between a server and my embedded system. 1. How do I do that ? 2. Whether I can do it by sending time from server to system via tcp ( simple tcp client-server program) ? Or I need to do anything similar to NTP ? Please suggest a best way to do ?

  • hi Til, Thanks.. With thanks Vaisakh

  • Dear all, I have downloaded the evaluation software package for LPC 1788 dev kit from the below link,… My problem is , I was trying to get CPU load of my function using embosview ( runs in windows pc ) . For that I have to enable UART in RTOSinit.c ( Start/Setup/ directory ).But in that file commented that " UART is not supported"( will get #error while compiling ) ! . Also embOSView is not showing any data. I saw one OS_COM_init function i…

  • Help For Write to Flash

    vaisakhn - - embOS related


    Dear all, How do I write a data into NOR flash address with out using the File system Thanks in advance Vaisakh N