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  • OK, thanks for the update. I hope this is prioritized high in your list, because frankly the performance is so poor that it makes me pull my hair. I don't know how important feature this is for others, but for myself it is used tens of times per day when working with large projects, especially when the project contains source code written by several people, including some 3rd party libraries etc.

  • Hi, the example size should not be an issue. I have more complex projects (using Nordic SDK) in Eclipse and just tested that the search for references works instantly there. I have a relatively new PC with 8GB RAM and SSD drive. It would be understandable if the search was slow when you do it for the first time. But having to wait for 15-20 seconds each time you check where a variable or function is used in the project is just unusable. To me it seems like the project is not indexed at all and t…

  • I am running on Win 10, 64-bit. To reproduce, you could take any example from the Nordic BLE SDK. My project is based on this example from Nordic: <sdk path>\examples\ble_central\ble_app_hrs_c

  • I have recently started using SES when working with Nordic nRF52 BLE chip. Coming from Eclipse background, the "find references" functionality in SES seems to be really slow. A simple search of any references to function X in my project takes about 15 seconds to complete! Is there some way to speed this up? Perhaps turn on some hidden indexing option that will index my project for faster search results?

  • Is there some way in the SES editor to jump to the place where last edit was made to the code? In Eclipse, this can be done by hitting CTRL+Q and I use it all the time. (Navigate -> "last edit location"). Please tell me that there is something similar in Segger Studio?