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  • I also want to point out that this works well with Embedded Studio for ARM. I have Embedded Studio installed at /opt/SEGGER/EmbeddedStudio, and editing the /opt/SEGGER/EmbeddedStudio/bin/JLinkDevices.txt works perfectly.

  • I am using a Cortex-M device that does not have built in support in the J-link DLL, so I wrote a flashloader and added an entry to the JLinkDevices.xml, per This works well with JLinkExe on both Windows and Linux, if I modify (e.g. on Linux) /opt/SEGGER/JLink/JLinkDevices.xml and add the flashloaders to the Devices folder. However, I would like to use this device with Ozone, but I can't get Ozone to recognize my custom device. I have tried making the same change …