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  • Sorry for the delay - I've been on vacation. I've attached an elf-file compiled with GCC 5.2 ( Best regards, Rune

  • Hello, I'm having an issue debugging using an elf file compiled and linked with GNU ARM Embedded toolchain using GCC >= 5 (). The issue is not present in GNU ARM toolchain using GCC 4.9. I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but at least I can share my findings with you. Our flash layout reserves 0x8000 bytes at the start of the flash (0x08000000) for a bootloader. Source Code (16 lines) When debugging the application directly (ie. the bootloader is not executed) we expect the PC to be set to…

  • Thank you for the support! We really appreciate it. We will avoid using string merging. /Rune

  • The issue is not present when "Merge String Constants is disabled. Furthermore, it seems that "Merge String Constants" must be used with "inline small functions" linker option for the issue to be present. I've attached a SES project that reproduces the issue. Tested with SES for ARM v4.18. /Rune

  • Hello, I'm currently testing the Segger linker and ran into a problem when "merge string constants" is enabled: C Source Code (1 line) Gives the linker error: assertion failure: section '.rodata.str.%m/%d/%y.merge' from - Linker created - is not mapped Digging a little further (after disabling strftime()): C Source Code (1 line)Also emits the same linker error. C Source Code (1 line) does not.

  • FS_FormatSD progress indication

    rals - - emFile related


    Hello, We are just starting out using emFile and have a quick question: We intend to format a 64 GiB eMMC using FS_FormatSD() and need progress information on a GUI. We haven't been able to find any way to do this in the API. Any hints? Best regards, Rune

  • Hi, Thanks for the reply. I will try contacting Pylink support even though I doubt they have specific knowledge on this issue. I guess we should look at a workaround for this issue. /Rune

  • Hello, We use use Python for test automation. Previously we used our own wrapper for jlink.exe since we don't have the SDK. However, recently, we have discovered the Pylink project which acts as a Python interface to the SDK. We have an issue which we think is related to the JLINKARM dll. When JLINKARM_Close() is invoked some internal timing related test metrics in our DUT changes. If we skip the invocation of JLINKARM_Close() and just exit the test, the DUT is in no way influenced. So the quest…

  • Great, I will contact sales regarding the SDK! /Rals

  • Hi, Thanks for the response Niklas and rmilne! I will look into the SDK - the example shown by rmilne indicates that it will be rather simple to implement. However, an excerpt from the documentation would definitely help me along I still would vote for semihosting-like RTT features. /Rals

  • Hello, I'm investigating using RTT as output for gcov results. We intend to use this setup to get coverage results of continuous integration tests executed by our build environment. Using gcov means we need a way to create the .gcda files on the host machine. It is my understanding that this is not currently possible to do directly using RTT. - Has any plans been made for letting RTT support retargeting of syscalls (open, read, write etc.) to be able to interact with files on the host machine? -…

  • Hi, I'm trying to do a silent/unattended installation of the JLink Software and documentation pack for Windows (5.10h). It seems that the installer has been created with NSIS installer, so using the /S switch almost does the job (Setup_JLink_V510h.exe /S). However, I haven't been able to find information on how to suppress/automate the SEGGER J-Link DLL updater V5.10h which pops up while doing the silent installation. As a result, the installation hangs until I press the "OK" button. Any ideas o…