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  • Hello, I am developing a BLE program using nRF52840 chip and SEGGER Embedded Studio. The BLE program contains softdevice + bootloader + application. Is there anyway I can flash and debug the application without erasing the bootloader, using SEGGER Embedded Studio? For example with the softdevice + bootloader + application my application has its starting flash address at 0x2002600, can I flash and start my application at that address? Thank you and best regards, Duy

  • Hello, I have 2 nRF52 DK, I made a project with MDK Keil and when I selected the debugger as J-Link in debug tab, and error appear saying that it could not load driver JL2CM3.dll I tried using J-Link Command to connect with SWD and it work normally. I also tried programming it with the Segger Embedded Studio and it worked. So there is no problem with my DK. Is there anyway to replace or to fix the JL2CM3.dll? Thank you!! :pinch: :pinch: ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^