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  • Hi uncleskippy, the flash memory controller of the Nuvoton M2351 series device can only write and erase addresses within the secure address range of the flash. Addressing flash into a non-secure area results in a programming error. So you need to program your non-secure hex-file into the secure address area, too. According to your settings that the second flash bank is defined as non-secure area, you will find your data starting at 0x1004 0000 and not at 0x0004 0000. Best regards, Sebastian

  • Hi Phil, yes you are right concerning the sector size of 64 bytes instead of 256 bytes. Unfortunately, we had to summarize the sectors to a size of 256bytes as the minimum alignment for flash programming is 256 bytes. Therefore you can also erase the data sectors only in 256byte steps. Best regards, Sebastian

  • Hi Sumit, can you please try sector erase (F3) or chip erase in J-Flash (F4) after deactivating "Perform Blank Check within "Project settings->Performance", as you can see in my screenshot? There seems to be an issue when flash memory is undefined. After successfully erasing the flash, you should read "0xFF" again as blank value instead of "--". Regards, Sebastian

  • Hi BPancr, no the elf-file doesn't set the QE bit. Only in case the QE bit has been set before flash programming the flash algo will clear QE bit before start of programming and enable it afterwards again, because the flash-algorithm uses SingleSPI for programming and not QuadSPI. Which SPIFlash do you use, the algo supports several more SPI Flashes not only the one on the EVK? Regards, Sebastian