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  • I am using the following structure on my dialogs. But after some tests in debugging the code, I've noticed that the WM_DELETE doesn't appear to execute right after a GUI_EndDialog. It appears that emWin only marks the dialog to be deleted in a near future. When is the best moment to clear the dialog internal data in order to be sure that all data is ready to be used the next time the dialog is opened? Even when the dialog is deleted and created in a very short interval. I am worried about re-ope…

  • Rarely right after the startup my LCD display shows half the screen completely white, the other half shows the software without problems. The main problem here is that to see this problem I have to initialize my hardware a lot of times, I don't have the exactly figures but maybe once every one hundred initializations. Once the display is initialized with the problem the software and the touchscreen work as expected. But I see a pattern that maybe can help me to understand what goes on when the p…

  • Hi, is it possible to handle more than one FAT32 partition in a single SD using emFile? My intent is to store data in different areas of the card. My FS_X_AddDevices looks like this: C Source Code (10 lines)

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    I have tried to implement the desired behaviour through the WM_TOUCH event. But I have noticed that this event is only received when the touch occurs inside the window. I am still missing the event that allow me to receive a touch performed outside the window.

  • Hi, in my project I am using some windows as popups. They are half the area of the background window and are displayed centered in the screen. My problem is, I wanna close this popup when the user touches the screen outside the popup area, but I don't know how to detect this event. The best approach in my opinion is close the popup in its own callback, as it can be opened from any window it will be a bad design if I need to insert code in all windows that can be its background. Any advice in how…

  • Hi, I am facing the same problem described in this thread and I would appreciate more information about how to implement the 'faking' effect. After overwritting the paint function how can I change the color of the widgets? C Source Code (10 lines)

  • Found it!!!

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    I have found the solution thinking about how to implement a timer in a FrameWin. I submitted a question about it some weeks ago, the link is here. It appears that some functions must be implemented using another callback, according to the following squeme: C Source Code (53 lines) After some weeks working with emWin I must say that the documentation concerning custom widgets is very weak and covers issues too simple. Maybe a document with more information and complex examples would help a lot of…

  • Further debug information

    RodolfoDias - - emWin related


    I have debugged the code and noticed that my frame window is not receiving a WM_NOTIFY_PARENT. I thought that maybe the notification does not happen because my widget is custom and is being created outside the GUI_WIDGET_CREATE_INFO, so I used the WM_AttachWindow to attach it to the winframe. Unfortunatelly, the problem still persists.

  • Hi, I have some custom widgets in my project and I have noticed that when they are added to a FrameWin they do not notify its parent as expected. The framewin is created like this: C Source Code (8 lines) The custom widgets are added on the WM_INIT_DIALOG: C Source Code (20 lines) The problem happens here: C Source Code (19 lines) So, the methods ManCb(pMsg) and SpinTextCb(pMsg) never execute. In my opinion because the widgets are kinda of outside the frame. I need to know how to tell the framew…

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  • I have a lot of custom widgets in my project. All of them created with WM_CreateWindowAsChild and returning a handle to the main window. Something like this: C Source Code (31 lines) As you can see, in this example I have a main child window, that is going to be child of the window passed as parameter on the method create. And I have 3 windows that are children of this so called 'main child window'. My question is. Is it possible to receive a message via callback (in my example the callback is c…

  • It has worked perfectly. It is even possible to add multiple timeouts. C Source Code (50 lines) Thanks.

  • What is the best way to draw a filled gradient circle. I am currently using bmp images, but I wonder whether it would be possible to use simple emWin operations. I have not found any information regarding my question in the documentation. But I imagine that maybe using transparent windows and the drawing of gradient rectangles it is possible to achieve the same result. So, Is it possible to draw a filled gradient via simple drawing operations or the best way is the use of an image? Thanks.

  • Hi, I have a window in my project that draws several images on the screen to be used as buttons. My problem is, I've noticed that every time this window is draw the performance decreases, it is possible to notice that the process takes too long. The question is. Is there a way to improve the drawing process of images? - I already load my images in memory before calling the method GUI_BMP_Draw - Using the same software version, I've removed the GUI_BMP_DRAW, with everything else unchanged, to run…

  • Strange that the thread is so old without a resolution, because I notice the same problem working in my project. This is the code where I've found the issue. If I use framewin instead of Window the timers work. C Source Code (130 lines)