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  • Thank you Nino for your hint. The IAR support let me check the linker file. There I found a definition for the 'Initial Supervisor SP' (VECTOR_000) evaluating to 0x20003FF7. But the initial SP must be 8-byte aligned. Observing this rule solves the problem. (I didn't check the linker file earlier because I took the project from one of my colleagues who used an I-Jet instaed of a J-Link. With the I-Jet he didn't see this warning.) So you can close this thread. Kind regards Peter

  • Hello I'm using - J-Link V6.52b - NXP MK10DX128xxx7 as target - IAR Workbench for ARM - Windows 7 Prof., SP 1 When using Download and Debug I always get the Warning: Stack pointer is setup to incorrect alignment. Stack addr = 0x20003FF7 Afterwards the C-program is ready to run at main(), and upon Go it seems to work correctly. My possibly relevant debugger settings are: - Debugger > Download: Default, nothing selected - J-Link/J-Trace > Setup: Reset 'Normal' - J-Link/J-Trace > Conne…