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  • Hi, I am trying to perform the same operation, unsuccessful. If you create the window using the WM_CF_HASTRANS flag, you will be able to see your auto device is lying underneath the window. This is not the best workaround, as transparent window really use up a lot of processing power. You might even notice some flickering effect on the other widgets on the window. I think it is not possible to use GUI_MEMDEV_DrawAuto in the WM_PAINT. Still looking for answer. But it seems like: invalidate window…

  • ADS7846 Driver Issues

    chiasyan - - emWin related


    Hi, According to manual, by calling GUITDRV_ADS7846_Exec() periodically, touch XY values would be stored via GUI_TOUCH_StoreStateEx(). I manage to retrieve correct XY values from the ADS7846 (verified using GUITDRV_ADS7846_GetLastVal()) However, there is no sign of the state is being stored (GUI_TOUCH_GetState() always return zero). Is there a mistake I made somewhere? any solution? Someone in the forum has the similar issue (ADS7846 example). C Source Code (14 lines)

  • Hi, I am using emWin v5.26/v5.28 with RA8875 and STM32F2. The display works fine. However, when I add the function GUI_CURSOR_Show() right after GUI_Init(), the program just halts. Please assist. Thank you. --- Edit #1: Could it be the GUIDRV_FLEXCOLOR_F66721 requests touch panel data directly from RA8875? (in which case I need to initialize the RA8875 properly first?) --- Edit #2: Forgot to implement pfReadM16_A0(), now working properly. ---

  • Hi, I am porting the emWin using the example project from ST evaluation board and only GUI_TOUCH_StoreStateEx() has been used to update the pointer location (without needing to call GUI_TOUCH_Exec()). I came across several examples as well as the emWin manual, which state that GUI_TOUCH_Exec() must be called consistently to update the pointer location. So my question, is there any problem if I do not call the GUI_TOUCH_Exec()? Thank you.

  • Hi, Just some update. The WM_Update() may seems to reduce the occurrence of incomplete text but could not eliminate the issue. I need to assign emWin task at higher priority than the other tasks to avoid incomplete text issue. Even if there is a task created at the same priority level as emWin task, incomplete text would be noticed, at very very low probability. Thank you.

  • Hi Stefan, I will give it a try as you suggested. Thank you.

  • Hi Adrian, Yes, I tried using the timers but that is not the source of problem. (It is a good way for updating the display though, thank for the info) I traced it back to FreeRTOS task priority. Previously, I assigned the EMWIN task at lower priority in FreeRTOS and the situation as mentioned before, sequence as below: 1. RUNNING (once in a while, updating text is incomplete OR entire updating text is not shown at all) 2. FLICKERING (all the widgets) 3. NO UPDATE (window/dialog and widgets are s…

  • Hi, I have created few Dialogs and displayed it in sequence every few seconds (dialog 1 -> dialog 2 -> .... -> repeat) I am using WM_ShowWindow() and WM_HideWindow() alternately to display respective dialog. I constantly update a TEXT widget in Dialog 1, but after running for a while, the TEXT flickering is noticeable (in fact, other widgets in Dialog 1 is flickering as well) Dialog 2 and the rest are displayed just fine (no update, just display). What might be causing this phenomenon? Insuffici…

  • Hi Adrian, Thank you for your reply. Just to clarify some doubts, Source Code (5 lines) 1. Whenever a new event is raised after executing the above code, I should just call the "TEXT_SetText(...)" to update the display, right? 2. Before your reply, I implemented the code as follow: (update text every 1 second, in my application, I need to display value from a variable very constantly) Source Code (5 lines)eg. displaying the text from "000000", "111111", ... to "999999" and repeat. However, somet…

  • Hi, I have created a dialog with a text widget and used the following code to update the text constantly. However, I noticed some flickers occasionally on the text. In another word, at some point of the execution, the text is not being displayed at all. What might be causing the problem? Insufficient memory issue? C Source Code (5 lines) Please assist, thank you.