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  • Thanks for the response, @awnell. I have confirmed that the fix posted by @kklobe in the link you have above works. Here's what he wrote: Nordic has posted a fix for this in…dded-studio/182906#182906 You need to change a line in your sdk_config.h from #define NRF_FPRINTF_FLAG_AUTOMATIC_CR_ON_LF_ENABLED 1 to #define NRF_FPRINTF_FLAG_AUTOMATIC_CR_ON_LF_ENABLED 0 I hope that helps.

  • I am using SEGGER Embedded Studio for ARM Release 4.22 Build 2019090301.39946 for macOS x64. I am interfacing to a Nordic PCA10040 development board using a USB cable.When I run the Nordic SDK 15.3.0 ble_app_beacon sample project, from Segger Embedded Studio, I can successfully launch it, hit breakpoints, and step through code. But I never see anything in the SES debug terminal despite the fact that the main.c method has: NRF_LOG_INFO("Beacon example started."); My sdk_config.h has the following…