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  • Hi all, For the record, this had to do with RTT's up buffer which was configured in blocking mode. Thanks, Nabil

  • Hi Nino, Thanks for the reply. The watchdog is regularly feeded (every 32 seconds). To prove this the firmware works just fine (without the watchdog resetting the module) when the debugger is connected, that is the problem I am having. As soon as the debugger is unplugger, the module hangs...

  • Hi, I have a strange problem with a custom EFM32LG230F128 based-design and I am getting out of ideas. I am using Tiny Gecko's SEGGER J-Link debugger to program my module and so far it works fine. Source Code (69 lines) However, as soon as the debugger is detached (JLinkExe process killed), the CPU hangs and enters an infinite loop of rebooting because of the watchdog. This issue is quite problematic and I have run out of clues. I very much appreciate your help.