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  • use a vertical screen with a screen resolution of 480*1280, but I need to let him display horizontally, that is, rotate 90° clockwise or counterclockwise. GUI_DEVICE_CreateAndLink(DISPLAY_DRIVER, COLOR_CONVERSION, 0, 0); I changed the display direction of the created device object by modifying the parameter DPISPLAY_DRIVER of the GUI_DEVICE_CreateAndLink function. The DISPLAY_DRIVER is modified to: GUIDRV_LIN_24 GUIDRV_LIN_OY_24 GUIDRV_LIN_OX_24 GUIDRV_LIN_OXY_24 GUIDRV_LIN_OS_24 The actual disp…

  • Quote from SEGGER - Schoenen: “Hi, I gave it a try, but on my end it looks good. Which version of emWin are you using? Ok, I got it, I didn't noticed that you were drawing the PNGs multiple times over each other. I was able to reproduce the behavior and fixed it. It will be included in the next emWin release. Thanks for the hint. Regards, Sven ” Hi, The version I am using is V5.48. I understand it a bit now. I tested the overlay display in the default environment (single layer) without opacity, …

  • Drawn using the GUI_PNG_Draw method, the transparent part of the image is actually not transparent,single-frame display is not very obvious, but multiple images with transparent parts are superimposed. Source Code (21 lines)…29e87083164e88374f8c6fb64

  • Can emWin achieve dynamic change of two layers (layer0/layer1) at the same time (1280*480)? Layer1 needs to use a memory device, but the part of the memory device I tested was not transparent.

  • Quote from SEGGER - Schoenen: “Hi, Since version 5.44 of emWin it is possible to draw splines resulting in smooth curves. Here is a short example: C Source Code (80 lines)Regards, Sven ” Thank you. It solved my problem.

  • I need to draw a curve according to the input point. Every time I input a point curve to the left, the GUI_AA_DrawLine method between the point and the point is used to draw a line, so the whole curve is not very smooth, not beautiful enough, I want to ask you There is no better way to handle it and achieve a smooth curve.…29e87083164e88374f8c6fb64

  • Create a font with the FontCvtDemo program. The font displayed on the emulator has a border, but I don't want the border to exist. How can I remove it?…29e87083164e88374f8c6fb64 Source Code (40 lines)

  • Quote from SEGGER - Schoenen: “尝 ” Sure enough, the problem of memory allocation in GUIConf.c is set to the default 2M. The space required for the displayed image is a bit large, and there are other resources to consume. I can solve the problem by changing the memory. Thanks again.

  • I need to create a window on the screen, create a TEXT control under the window to display a dynamic number, in order to avoid the refresh is flashing, add code in the main function: WM_SetCreateFlags(WM_CF_MEMDEV); However, after adding the background image, it can not be displayed (do not add the above function picture to display normal), run the error prompt: GUI_PNG.c:Error in _png_cexcept_errot(). The detailed code is as follows, the picture code is attached, I look forward to the answer, t…