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  • I've started using Hyper-V on my Windows 10 system in order to sandbox different development environments. But my J-Link isn't showing up inside the Hyper-V virtual machine. Reading the web, it appears that (perhaps) Hyper-V will only allow storage devices to be passed through from the primary environment. Is this true? Or is it possible to communicate with the J-Link from inside a Hyper-V environment? If so, how? Thanks!

  • My J-Link EDU is unable to connect with my target processor (an ATSAME54P20). Here's what J-Link Commander reports upon startup: Source Code (13 lines) The suspicious part is "VTref=0.000V". But when I measure the voltage on pin 1 of the 20 pin JTAG connector, I see 3.3V. Does this indicate a faulty J-Link? Or are there other things that could cause this?

  • I've developed a Cortex-M4 program under IAR Workbench. In the program, printf() prints to the built-in IAR terminal, and getchar() reads from the built-in terminal. I'm using a J-Link in SWO mode for communication. I've attached a screenshot of the IAR terminal. Now I'd like a colleague to test the same code on his machine. He has a J-Link, but not an IAR license. Is there some terminal-like application that does the same thing, that is, read and write ASCII characters via the J-Link? (I've tri…

  • I've recently switched to Embedded Studio, and there are many things to like about it. One thing that still tripping me up, though: I've been editing using Emacs-style key bindings since the Pleistocene epoch (give or take), and it's hard for me to give that up. Is there a way to install a "standard" set of Emacs style key bindings (CTRL-A for beginning of line, CTRL-E for end of line, etc...)?