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  • Hi Nino, here is an update. In the meantime I can debug my Kinetis application in daisy chain. I'm using a script with my own (empty) InitTarget() function. It looks like this: void InitTarget(void) { JLINK_SYS_Report("custom INIT for MKV46F256"); } I don't know what the original Init function does, can I use this workaround whith any drawbacks? Regards Konrad

  • Hi Nino, yes, I already use 2 diodes to connect the reset lines. Regards Konrad

  • Hello! I'm trying to program a STM32F446RE and a MKV46F256 CPU via JTAG in daisy chain. My setup is this: TDI -> STM32F446RE -> MKV46F256 -> TDO On Windows I can connect to the STM32, debugging works fine. The MKV46F256 I can't reach. I get the following messages: SEGGER J-Link GDB Server V6.34e Command Line Version JLinkARM.dll V6.34e (DLL compiled Aug 30 2018 17:36:45) Command line: -nosilent -swoport 2332 -select USB=50123300 -telnetport 2333 -singlerun -endian little -noir -speed 1000 -port …