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  • Our project uses an EFM32WG940F256 microcontroller on a custom board. This board is connected via SWD to a J-Link device, which is connected via USB to a computer that runs Linux. We have a relatively big "bare-metal" program on the MCU which outputs debugging information to RTT. We are currently at the final stages of the project so we're running the program on the MCU for a longer time to see if it functions correctly. The debug information from RTT is very important to us for determining what…

  • Hi Niklas, Thanks for the link and information. That sounds like something very out of scope for our project with regards to both budget and effort. (I was kind of hoping for something that I could "just use", without the need to bother with those IDEs.) One last question: is it in the plans to support 8051 in the J-Link GDB server? Or are you aware of a similar solution?

  • Thank you Niklas for your reply. Can you tell me more details about how it works with Simplicity Studio and the other IDEs you mentioned? Can I use the same support with my own project somehow, without using these IDEs?

  • Hi, I've used J-Link GDB Server with 32-bit MCU products (EFM32) with SWD in the past. I heard that J-Link now supports debugging 8051 devices, so now I'd like to figure out how to use J-Link with 8051 (EFM8 and C8051) devices. These devices can be selected in the GUI of J-Link GDB Server, but I can't set the target interface to C2. (There is no such option on the GUI and the command line version doesn't recognize -if C2 either.) My question is this: is there a way to make the J-Link GDB server …