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  • Hi, According to the emWin user manual the correct driver is GUIDRV_FlexColor. Here you will find a list of controllers supported by the GUIDRV_FlexColor driver: Regards, Sven

  • Hi, I think turning on/off the backlight is the best approach. You can react on the command LCD_X_ON / LCD_X_OFF in the display driver callback function LCD_X_DisplayDriver(). Similar to this: C Source Code (17 lines) GUI_Init() will send LCD_X_ON command after the controller has been initialized (LCD_X_INITCONTROLLER) and the screen has been cleared with black. You can use also the functions LCD_On() and LCD_Off() to send the on/off commands to the callback function. Regards, Sven

  • Appwizard

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    Hi, You can use any AppWizard version which matches your emWin version. I'd use the NXP rather than the one from our website (trial). The one from NXP should match the emWin version and shouldn't bother you with any licensing information. If you are using an emWin version which is not supported by the AppWizard provided by NXP you can use the one from our website. Here is a description how to check for the proper version: Regards, Sven

  • Hi, It is not possible to use the RA8876 directly with emWin. You would need another controller which generates the proper signals for the RA8876. Typically a display controller build in to the MCU is used to generate these signals. In this case you would utilize the GUIDRV_Lin driver to manage the framebuffer on MCU side. The internal display controller will parse the framebuffer and generate the signals for the RA8876. Regards, Sven

  • Hi, Since mid of the year we (SEGGER) are hosting and building the STemWin libraries. These are not the same as those from the ST Cube packages. v6m, v7m, v7em: stands for the architecture. fpv4_sp_d16_hard: compiled with support for FPU fpv4_sp_d16_soft: compiled with support for FPU but with software ABI OS1/OS0: with or without OS support Just use the library which fits best to your hardware. We will regularly update the libraries found on the STemWin page. So we can make sure the STM32 users…

  • Hello Jan, Which device are you using and which emWin driver? It looks a bit like as if the data where not entirely written into the framebuffer but reside in the CPU cache. For example, on STM32 devices devices we call SCB_CleanInvalidateDCache() before any DMA2D operation to ensure the data is properly written into the RAM. Best regards, Sven

  • Hi, This is most likely because the lines do overlap each other. Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid it. You might try the SPLINE drawing operations: Regards, Sven

  • Hello, You can try the following. - Select an object in the hierarchic tree - Hold the ALT key on the keyboard - Drag the object in the editor window with your mouse Alternatively you can select the object in the hierarchic tree and modify its position by editing its properties in the the properties window on the right hand side. Regards, Sven

  • Hi, Unfortunately, there is no dedicated API function to copy an entire dialog into a memory device. But, you can create a memory device with the same size as the dialog at the same position and copy the LCD content into the memory device. This might look like this: C Source Code (6 lines)Attached is an example doing this. Regards, Sven

  • Hi Rowel, Actually, in the latest version we have fixed an issue with job processing. I have updated the AppWizard version available for download on our website: You might want to give it a try. Regards, Sven

  • Hi, I guess you have already a solution, but I'll post it just in case other people have a similar problem. Here is the code showing how to hook into the drawing process of the GRAPH widget and fill the area under the GRAPH. You might want to improve it by searching the largest rectangular area under the GRAPH and fill it with GUI_FillRect() instead of line by line. You can use the switch USE_PUNCH_OUT_DEVICE fill the the area with a gradient. C Source Code (171 lines)Best regards, Sven

  • Hi, You can change the bitmap by triggering the SETBITMAP job. To do so you have to set up a APPW_PARA_ITEM structure with the desired information and call APPW_DoJob(). This might look like this: C Source Code (5 lines)You will find a description of the parameter either in AppWizard.h or in the manual under the job description: Attached is an example which changes the bitmaps on a timer event. Check out ID_SCREEN_00_Slots.c regarding the code. …

  • Hi, please try a different format for you images. High color with alpha isn't really the best in regards of performance. Try "True color with alpha, RB swap, alpha inverted". This format requires more ROM but should be way faster Regards, Sven

  • ST7529 driver support

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    Hello Jan, The driver is not part of the STemWin library. In this case you would have to buy the driver directly from SEGGER. Regards, Sven

  • Hi, With the default skin of the BUTTON widget the functions BUTTON_SetBkColor() and BUTTON_SetTextColor() are not working. Either set the classic skin or use SKINFLEX properties to change properties like colors. If you overwrite the callback function of a widget you can call the default callback function (e.g BUTTON_Callback()) and then draw something. Here is a brief example how this could be done: C Source Code (81 lines) Best regards, Sven

  • Hi, yes, you can set the TEXT object into decimal mode and use a mask to set the position of the decimal point. With a mask of "0.00" you can display values up to 9.99. As it is only possible to set integers you have to set 999 for the value above. Regards, Sven

  • GC9A01 Compatability

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    Hi, Quote from JackO: “Does emWIN work with the GC9A01 Driver? ” Never had one of these controllers on my desk, but according to the data sheet it should work. It seems the commands of the GC9A01 are compatible with GUIDRV_FLEXCOLOR_F66709 and GUIDRV_FLEXCOLOR_F66720. GUIDRV_FLEXCOLOR_M16C1B8 should be correct, too. A cache is required, as there are no read operations possible (you already figured this out). I'm not entirely sure how it behaves with read functions being set. So, maybe you have t…

  • Hi, You have to link the "GUI-memory" into the SDRAM. How this is done depends our your linker. emWin will allocate memory only from the block set with GUI_ALLOC_AssignMemory(). Here is an example from a GUIConf.c which does it. C Source Code (48 lines) If you are using the GUIDRV_Lin driver you might also want to link the frame buffer to the external memory. This is most likely done the same way as with the "GUI-memory". Regards Sven

  • Hi, it seems the bug was introduced with V6.12. My fault, better call the WM_NotifyParent() after setting the new text. Regards, Sven

  • Hi, You are right, there was a bug related to setting a new string with the same length as the old string. If that's the case the widget wasn't invalidated. Your working is almost good. Instead of setting an empty string I would simply mark the window as invalid and tell its parent about the changed text (if required). C Source Code (10 lines)Regards, Sven