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  • Hi SyamK, Which Semihosting service do you use? I assume, this is ReadC(). Is that correct? ReadC() returns a character. If you configure Ozone such that a dialog opens to enter a character, you need to enter a character and then click on the "OK" button. As a result, the character will be sent to the target. If you do not enter a character but click onto the "OK" button directly, an error is raised. I assume that this error results in a NULL character arriving on the target. Hitting the enter k…

  • Hi Rune, Ozone does not provide such a functionality and we do not see a big benefit in implementing such a feature. Ozone is a debugger and if you switch to Ozone it can be assumed that you intend debugging the firmware. For that use case Ozone behaves well. If you just want to download the ELF file into the flash and start the application stand-alone, I am sure that you can use your J-Trace and the tools coming with it plus some scripting to achieve that. In that case please open a new thread …

  • Hi Sam, the FreeRTOS plugin for Cortex M33 was not tested on the Cortex M4. So we cannot promise that everything will work as expected and intended. But feel free to share your experience here. Best regards -- AlexD

  • Hi Glenn, this is a general setup issue which is not related to Ozone. Therefore I will move this thread to the J-Link section in this forum. The colleagues should be able to provide further support. @J-Link team: Could you please investigate what is going on here? Best regards -- AlexD

  • Hi Glenn, are you sure that both the Ozone log and the J-Link log were recorded in the same debug session, as I requested? I'm asking because in the Ozone log I see "Could not measure total IR len. TDO is constant high." but cannot find that in the J-Link log. Could you please double-check? Could you also please check why the TDO line should remain constant high? Maybe your application changes the port configuration for the pin carrying the TDO signal? Best regards -- AlexD

  • [SOLVED] GUI issues

    SEGGER - AlexD - - Ozone related


    Hi fraengers, as I already stated: The behavior of the scrollbar is not perfect. Best regards -- AlexD

  • Hi andrewsglenn, you did not provide a J-Link log. The procedure of creating a J-Link log is described in the Wiki article I provided earlier. When recording a J-Link log please also record an Ozone log since both need to be recorded during the same debug session. The New project wizard does not create functions where the call to _SetupTarget() is commented out. So please double check your Ozone project file for correctness. You may also have a look at our WIKI article for your device: wiki.segg…

  • Hi msdg, apparently the Ozone project file created by your tooling is not working correctly. So you should switch to setting up an Ozone project and maintaining that by yourself. You may use the Ozone project created by the new project wizard as a starting point and integrate the special handling found in the Ozone project your tooling provided. This would be a starting point for any further investigation. Having done so, could you please provide the Ozone project file as well as an Ozone log an…

  • Hi andrewsglenn, Could you please provide a J-Link Log file and an Ozone log, both being recorded during the same debug session where you reproduce the issue? Creating a J-Link log is described here:, creating an Ozone log is described in section 8 of the Ozone user's manual. I noticed that in your Ozone project file the function _SetupTarget() is never called. Is that intended? Best regards -- AlexD

  • Hi msdg, could you please check out the following WIKI page? I understand that after creating a project with the new project wizard your target runs into an exception. This is often the case when the target is not set-up correctly for debugging, so when starting the application to reach main() - or whatever function Ozone was told to be the startup completion point - an operation fails due to wrongly initialized or uninitialized hardware, thus raising…

  • Hi pbizarri, looking into the J-Link log you provided I see that writing to the TPIU_SPPR register (and all subsequent writes to debug registers) fail. This happens in the context of enabling SWO in your target. So something goes wrong in that procedure which leads to a state that Ozone cannot handle, thus terminating the debug connection to the target. Since this is not in the scope of Ozone I will move this thread to the J-Link forum so the colleagues can have a look. Best regards -- AlexD

  • Hi pbizarri, this forum is not a support forum. SEGGER employees look in from time to time but in case there are more pressing topics on our desks responses may be delayed. In case you are eligible for support feel free to open a support case. Best regards -- AlexD

  • [SOLVED] GUI issues

    SEGGER - AlexD - - Ozone related


    Hi fraengers, Thanks for your post. 1. We can reproduce that selecting data in the way you describe and subsequently copying the data into the clip board does not work as expected. We will fix that in a future release. When selecting the memory range via mouse or via keyboard everything works fine. 2. The behavior of the scrollbar is not perfect but as expected. On a 32 bit machine the memory window displays just a very small part of the 4 Gig address space. 3. It cannot be selected via mouse bu…

  • Hi, After having started Ozone via the "Debug with Ozone" button, do you save the Ozone project file or do you always discard the Ozone project when closing Ozone? Could you please try to set-up your project via the Ozone new project wizard, save the project file and then use that project file all the time afterwards? Best regards-- AlexD

  • Hi fraengers, thank you for providing the reproducer. I just checked and conclude that right now we are not able to fix that inconvenience. The impact is zero anyway, since the scripts for Cortex-M4 and Cortex-M7 are identical except a comment. Please note that having multiple cases in a single thread is likely to have the effect of a topic being dropped. The issues you face with the forum should be posted in "General", not in "Ozone related". Best regards -- AlexD

  • Hi Fraengers, Thank you for your suggestions regarding the column naming. I will present them in our next internal meeting where we discuss future improvements. At this point in time I cannot comment on whether this will be implemented and if yes, when. Regarding the automatic plugin selection in your CM7 project: Could you please provide a reproducer? Thanks and regards -- AlexD

  • Hi pbizarri, could you please provide a complete J-Link log and a complete Ozone log, both recorded in the same debug session where you reproduce the issue? The snippets are too short for an analysis. Creating a J-Link log is described here:, creating an Ozone log is described in section 8 of the Ozone user's manual. Best regards -- AlexD

  • ...and also have a look into the Ozone user's manual, in particular section 4.18. In case your RTOS is not one of those for which Ozone provides a plug-in, section 6.3 shows in details how such a plug-in can be created by your own. Does that answer your question?

  • Hi taydin, good to hear you can continue you work. Happy debugging! -- AlexD

  • Hi taydin, Ozone does not support displaying register contents as signed integer. I will add this to the list of potential future features to be added in future. Ozone does not yet allow to display register contents in the watched data window. Adding that feature is already on our list for future improvements but I cannot comment on when this will be released. I assume that your use case is seeing the intermediate values of a complex arithmetic operation that is split into multiple assembly lang…