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  • Hi guys, In my project I am using 4 same type of screen need to display same type of data like temperature , sensor value ,etc. I received data from sensors array format example sensor_data[4] . So currently I need to set value using settext function using different object names like ID_TEXT_1,ID_TEXT_2,ID_TEXT_3,ID_TEXT_4. My doubt is there any possibility for give name for the object is ID_TEXT[0],ID_TEXT[1],ID_TEXT[2],ID_TEXT[3]. any one have idea pls let me know . Thanks advance Ravindhar.S

  • Hi Florian , Any solution for this issue ? Because of this single screen 100+ window concept or not .my display Initial load takes more then a minute. So if you have any idea pls let me know . Thanks & Regard Ravi.S

  • Hi Florian , Thanks for your replay ,…eacaa2aae7022d846ace7b83a I attached the image for your reference. i need to keep few button and message display window static. Only center window change based on the operation flow .So I created one Screen and created 3 static windows center window I created more based on the button press I changed center window visibility .Now certain level I am not able to create objects. If I create more number of windows and object in sing…

  • Hi guys , In my project I am created only 1 screen . Inside that screen I am create more then 1000+ object and more windows . certain level I try to create object like image or text inside that Screen that time app-wizard closed automatically . It is not allow to create new object . So is there any limitation is there ?. Is there means how to increase limit or what is the solution for that issue ? If anyone know please give your valuable ideas to fix this problem. Thanks advance Ravi.S

  • Hi Guys, I facing following Issue. I have 2 window for example Window A and B. A window have 1 text object that object value blink every 500ms in timer .Blink means every 500ms I toggle Object then It look like blink Text object. Issue is when I swipe Window A to B using horizontal widow swipe option in app wizard. Blink test x position shifting automatically. I attached the screenshot for your referance. Thanks and Regards Ravi.S

  • Hi Florian, Sorry for the delayed response . Thank you so much It really works fine . Best Regards, Ravi S

  • Hi guys, I created some custom font in App wizard like acHRBCezanne_140_Normal_EXT_AA4 and acHRBCezanne_190_Normal_EXT_AA4. Initially I set 190 fonts by default in App wizard text properties. But run time I try to change to 140 fonts using following comment in emwin code. TEXT_SetFont(hItem, acHRBCezanne_140_Normal_EXT_AA4) But i am getting error. If i miss something somebody pls help to fix this issue. Thanks advance. Ravi.S

  • AppWizard Custom Keypad

    ssravindhar - - emWin related


    Hi Guys, I need to edit our default keypad or create a custom keypad. For example, Default keypads have +, -, delete, etc. If I need only (0 to 9) in my keypad also I need to arrange numbers in different order, keys in different spacing, and different sizes. So what do I need to do to customize my keypad? Does anyone have an idea or any example code to help me fix my custom keypad? Thanks and Regards Ravi.S

  • Hi Team, In my project need multiple windows on One screen like 10 windows objects on 1 screen. All window sizes same like 400x900. I arrange one window on top of another window. At a time one window is only displayed. Based on my requirements I switch windows. But my problem is whenever I need modification on a particular Window object. I need to move that particular window into TOP and EDIT in app-wizard. Now 10 windows object I will shift. If 30 to 40 windows then I need to shift every time i…