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  • Hi, Please ignore this. I've found that the programming image change the I/O pin and cause this issue. Thanks.

  • Hi, When Connect to device and after JLinkScript, The SW-DP ID is found but failed at power DAP. May I know what's "Failed to power up DAP" mean? Or what will the JLink do after Found SW-DP with ID 0x6BA02477 to know how to troubleshooting for this case. InitTarget() end Found SW-DP with ID 0x6BA02477 Failed to power up DAP Cannot connect to target. Thanks.

  • Hi, From the E.g cannot present this issue that if the base address is no start from 0x00000000. // FlashDevice.TotalSize:// 0x40000//// FlashDevice.SectorInfo[]:// {// SectSize StartAddr// { 0x00004000, 0x00000000 }, // 4 * 16 KB = 64 KB// { 0x00010000, 0x00010000 }, // 1 * 64 KB = 64 KB// { 0x00020000, 0x00020000 }, // 1 * 128 KB = 128 KB// { 0xFFFFFFFF, 0xFFFFFFFF } // Indicates the end of the flash sector layout. Must be present.// } Tak…

  • If switch the loadbin procedure to loadbin another file and it works. If change the loadbin address to exclue the baseaddress and it works. if updated the bin file with padding and it works. Is it reasonable for these tree operations? Thanks.

  • Suppose that the flashloader is for all OS as Windows/Linux/MacOS, does it? I got strange result when loadbin for specific address with my flashloader on MacOS but it works well on Linux and Windows with JLinkExe of v7.82a I found from log, the sectors was analyzed differently for the same bin file and the same address to program. Operating on Linux: Source Code (31 lines) Operating on MacOS: Brainfuck Source Code (41 lines)

  • Hi Fabian, I was told that this has been fixed at v7.88. And I've verified the sectorization shows correctly in v7.88. But I am confused that if using multi sector size, how to specify start address of the sector size for each sector is correct? Should the offset with base address or not? Ony the Ex_3 will be expected as what I want. Thanks. Ex_1: Not incldue the base address Source Code (21 lines) Ex_2: Both include the base address: Source Code (21 lines) Ex_3: The First sectors not incldues t…

  • May I know once the device been connected and includes tree flashbankinfo and tree flashloader, will all the trree flashloader been load to the ram ? Or just load either one at run time ? Source Code (14 lines)Ex: Using JLink.exe and connect MyTestDevice to execute test script as below: JLink.exe -device MyTestDevice -if SWD -speed 75000 -CommandFile mytest.jlink -jlinkscriptfile .\JLinkSettings.JLinkScript Source Code (7 lines) loadbin test1.bin 0x10000 => this address mapping to FL_Test1 and w…

  • Is the Device_XML_file changed? Using the sam xml but v7.86h seems to get the wrong partition.=, but v7.8 is expected Source Code (14 lines)

  • The program flow : SEGGER_FL_Erase => SEGGER_FL_Program => SEGGER_FL_Verify ReturnVal != Addr+NumBytes of SEGGER_FL_Verify indicates an error and gives the address where verification failed. Will the programmed . May I know when verify failed, what will the programmed data be? Will it be revert automatically? Thanks

  • Hi Nino, I know that I no guarantee to receive any answer via this forum, but I have no idea that my post was deleted? I just expect that maybe some others will share his experience. Or give me some direction or suggestion. So if I would like to have the flashloader documents for old version, I should submit request to support channels? Thanks for the information. Best regards, Sharon

  • Hi Alex, For SEGGER_FL_Program(), <NumBytes> is guaranteed to be a multiple of FlashDevice.PageSize => But I do get the NumBytes as FlashDevice.SectorInfo[0].SectorSize instead of FlashDevice.PageSize, is it normal?

  • From SEGGER_Flash_Loader, the PageSize is meant that "This field describes in what chunks J-Link feeds the flash loader. The SEGGER_FL_Program() function will be called with a data chunk of multiple of <PageSize> bytes" The NumByte of SEGGER_FL_Program() will be SectSize of FlashDevice and SEGGER_FL_Verify() will be the SectSize or PageSize of FlashDevice randomly. Is it normal? Thanks. Source Code (32 lines)

  • May I know why my previous post was delete? Did I break any rules?

  • Dear Support, 1. Where could I find the flash loader documrent to support older version? Currnet WiKi only provide documents for newer. I would like to know how the erase command work with older version of flash loader? What I found api for erase only eraseChip/eraseSectors but no Erase as "SEGGER_FL_Erase" does. Or the older version of flash loader does not required flash bankinfo and flash loader? 2. When provide flash bankinfo in my device.xml, it seems must to provide flash loader, even I se…

  • Hi FrankM, Thanks for the reply. After correct the command, it works. Thanks.

  • Hi mwb1100, Thanks for the reply. After correct the command, it works. Thanks.

  • When using JFlash to read memeory, input NumBytes parameter to Blankcheck is different. By command line, it always be 4 and by GUI, it will be the actual bytes from range. Is it normal? Thanks. By command line: "C:\Program Files\SEGGER\JLink\JFlash.exe" -openprjmytest3.jflash /min /wait -connect -readrange,0x10078000,0x1007FFFF Result log: Reading target memory (0x10078000 - 0x10078000) ... - Start of determining flash info (Bank 0 @ 0x10078000) - End of determining flash info - Flash bank info:…

  • Hi Fabian, Trying with JFlash, the readrange called the SEGGER_FL_Read() but cannot save the data to specificed file. What below is my execute command: JFlash.exe -openprjMyDevice.jflash /min /wait -readrange,0x10078000,0x10080000 -saveasmydata.bin,0x10078000,0x10080000 -exit 1. -saveas<FILENAME>[,<SADDR>,<EADDR>] seems that to save the config data not the read data, is it? 2. -saveas<FILENAME>[,<SADDR>,<EADDR>] : The SADDR and EADDR was meant to be the ADDR of FILENAME or the memory addr? 3. If…

  • FrankM, Thanks for the sharing. I'll try with JFlash. The SEGGER_Open_Read function will be called. SEGGER-Fabian, I am confused that the loadbin and read by JLink will use SEGGER_Open_Program in flashloader but savebin and mem won't. and does not mention about which supported by JLink or JFlash. Is there any other document or reference could I get more information? Thanks.

  • Hi SEGGER, I have theh same question as FrankM. Is there any furthur solution? I would like to use savebin from external flash memory with customized flash loader in JLink commander. But when use mem or savebin, the SEGGER_Open_Read seems not been loaded, is it normal? Or the SEGGER_Open_Read is not as expected usage for read callback ? Thanks