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  • Hi, I have a Cortex A9 board running linux, does emWin provide library that supports such target ? Randy Xiang

  • window never gets the focus

    Zhiying - - emWin related


    Quote from ezio_noventa: “I (somehow) solved the issue by adding a 'button' widget to the window. In that way the window gets the focus. Is it a mandatory setting? I mean, does a window have to have a sort of 'input' widget in order to be focussable? Ezio” Hi Ezio, From my limited experience, a Window widget cannot be focused, it has to contain a button ( as you did) or something to receive the focus.

  • Hi Adrian, I don't think it's a demo version, since I see no "demo" words in the About window of FontCvt. The two XBF files I used for test were generated from the same Font file, with the same style and same size, the difference between them is that they have different range of characters enabled. I did this to check if I can enable/disable a scattered range of characters by using batch script. I'm doing a chinese localization work recently but almost 90% of chinese characters in a fontfile are…

  • Hi, I tried to merge two different XBF files, but seems the contents in the merged one(open one XBF in advance and then merge another) have been turned into mess. Anyone also met the same issue? Thanks! Zhiying

  • A very clever idea! I already overwrote the paint event of parent window, I'll try your suggestion.

  • Thanks Adrian, The driver I'm using is GUIDRV_Lin_32, I tried the "multiple buffering" and the flickering is gone, but I need to wait approximately 1 sec to see the popup msg window. It's rather slow compared to other widgets' response. I'm considering to remove the mask window effect

  • Hi everyone, I create the following effect by using alpha blending, it looks alright in simulator, yet in hardware environment I can see very obvious flickering ( when the message box is about to popup, I can see clearly of the drawing process of the mask window) , it seems the alpha blending effect has brought in a lot workload to CPU. Any suggestion on how to reduce the flickering ?…0ca81bcc987a02b587f9b877d…0ca81bcc987a02b587f9b877…

  • Oh sorry, I mean the sample WIDGET_CustomEffect.c Thanks for your information, I'll try to contact our emWin vendor. BTW, I'm using emWin lib built for ARM Cortex M3 5.20

  • Hi Adrian, I followed the example of WIDGET_Effect.c to add customized effect to EDIT, in simulation environment it works well, but after porting to embedded environment the application crashed at GUI_RestoreContext Is there any requirement to use the pair function GUI_SaveContext and GUI_RestoreContext ? Thanks. Zhiying Xiang

  • Thanks, I switched to WINDOW and the border is gone. And one more question, I found that the FRAMEWIN or WINDOW widget CAN get WM_KEY message in Simulation mode. But in real environment (Embedded environment), they CAN NOT. What's the reason that causes this difference ?

  • Hi, Does the FRAMEWIN widget have 1 pixel external border by default ? I set the border size of FRAMEWIN to 0 using SkinFlexProps setting, yet it seems there is still 1 pixel border reserved You can see the black external border from the following screenshot…0ca81bcc987a02b587f9b877d Source Code (13 lines) And I also jumped over the message WIDGET_ITEM_DRAW_FRAME.

  • Thanks Adrian, I'll try to contact NXP to see if they can help to identify the root cause.

  • GUIConfig.c…0ca81bcc987a02b587f9b877d LCDConf.c…0ca81bcc987a02b587f9b877d The two files are the config files I'm using for Simulation project, I tried to increase GUI_NUMBYTES but only get different additional characters at the end. Please kindly help me check where the problem is, thank you so much!

  • Hi, Adrian You can see that there is an additional 'L' at the end of "(intial)"…0ca81bcc987a02b587f9b877d The source code is here…0ca81bcc987a02b587f9b877d

  • Quote from SEGGER - Adrian: “Hello Zhiying, Thank you for sending the hint. I will try to reproduce this using emWin V5.16. Of course I will let you know the result. Best regards, Adrian” Hi Adrian, Is there any result now? I really need to know it since our product is approaching the release date.. Thanks! --Zhiying

  •…0ca81bcc987a02b587f9b877d Hi, I think I met the same issue, I did not override the EDIT callback for those that have extra characters. You can see from the uploaded pictures, the extra characters will change from time to time. The picture is captured from a Simulation project, but I also met this issue under embedded environment and the version I'm using is EMWin version: emWin_516_IAR640_M3_LE.a

  • Hi, Is it possible to customized the color of the title text of a single page within MultiPage? It is hard to distinguish between the page i choose and the page not chosed.

  • Quote from SEGGER - Adrian: “Hello Zhiying, I am afraid your request requires a higher support-level. Please understand, that I have to ask you to direct your support request directly to your emWin supplier. We have an agreement with them, that includes their right to provide our emWin software as library and their obligation to support their customers. If you are interested in receiving direct support from SEGGER, please contact Best regards, Adrian” Thanks Adrian, I have consu…

  • Hi, I met some problem when trying to use multi layer feature on my LPC1788 board. Basically I used three layers and I tested in the Simulator project (PC environment), it went on well When I try to port it to the board, only the first layer was displayed, upper ones are gone. I used GUIDRV_Lin_32_API for all layers. Following are some piece of config code Any help will be appreciated, thanks! zhiying C Source Code (11 lines) C Source Code (50 lines)