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  • It's a chip based on CortexM3. For information I'm able to use the Jlink (eg I use live watches which works fine), but when trying to connect via segger it's rejected. Below a log for your convenience. The first part (T3C7C) is linked with my live watches (you will recognize the RTT block header), the second part (T35FC) is linked with Sysview. Note that while doing further tests I succeeded once to get sysview running (probably the request was sent while my chip was not in sleep mode). As the l…

  • Hi Johannes, Perfect it solves the point! Thanks, Frederic

  • Hi, I'm using Sysview with FreeRTOS, all is fine but I have to disable low power mode (ie remove WFI calls ), otherwise Sysview does not log anything. Is it the expected behaviour? Note I did the test using configUSE_IDLE_HOOK or configUSE_TICKLESS_IDLE but same result, the only workaround I found is to disable these 2 defines when using SysView

  • Hi Johannes, I'm facing the same Issue. As you suggested above I have tried to declare the queue names in the SendSystemDescription callback, the queue names and IDs appears at the top of the log, but when a queue event occurs the queue name still not appears (while the ID is the same as in the top of the log). What could be wrong?