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  • svd file for STM32WB55

    bpeavey - - J-Link/Flasher related


    Hi, I'm using Ozone with a J-Link probe to connect to a STM32WB55 Nucleo board. For other Nucleo boards, I have been able to search online for the appropriate .svd file to use for my target MCU. However, I'm unable to find a svd file for the STM32WB55. What is the appropriate svd file to use for this MCU? Thanks... Brian

  • Hi, I'm trying to set up an Ubuntu-based development system for debugging using Vagrant and Ansible. I'm able to download and install Ozone just fine, but am having issues downloading JLink using Ansible. I believe this is because the download link for JLink ( leads to another page which prompts the user to accept the license agreement. Is there a direct link to get to the 64-bit Debian package? Alternatively, there may be a way to specify the co…

  • [ABANDONED] Ozone - remap source files

    bpeavey - - General


    I've just started using Ozone under Windows 10. I build my code using Cygwin. The resulting .elf file specifies the source files with a "/mnt/c" prepended to each source path/file name. When I open the project in Ozone, I get "File not found" errors due to the extra path at the beginning of each file that Cygwin adds. Is there a way to tell Ozone to remap these files to the path it understands? I tried typing Project.AddPathSubstitute ("/mnt/c", "/"); into the Console window, but that did not ha…