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  • Both JLinkRTTViewer and JLink command line can not connect to target; JLink output: ---------------------- J-Link>conf USB-Address: 0 Enum. type: Real-SN is used Real-SN: 50112953 KS-Power: Off (Default) J-Link>swospeed Target connection not established yet but required for command. Please specify device / core. <Default>: NRF52832_XXAA Type '?' for selection dialog Device>exit Please specify target interface: J) JTAG (Default) S) SWD F) FINE I) ICSP C) C2 T) cJTAG TIF>S Specify target interface…

  • Oh, ok the doc says 2.7, github's master looks like 3.x

  • I understand Pylink library (Python interface to JLink) is not by SEGGER. But perhaps somebody on this forum can confirm that there is no Pylink implementation that is Python 3.5 compatible. It definitely appears so from the Pylink gtihub, but if somebody knows otherwise, please let me know.