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  • Hi julesl, thank you for the suggestion. But this can be done only in __SEGGER_RTL_ConfDefaults.h which is a system file and should not be edited. Best regards

  • Hi, I want to use library (compiled for GCC) in my embbeded studio project. For compiler I want to use SEGGER compiler. The problem is the type definitons for __UINT32_TYPE__ and __INT32_TYPE__. __INT32_TYPE__ is for gcc defined as long int and in Segger compiler as int. __UINT32_TYPE__ is for gcc defined as long unsigned int and in Segger compiler as unsigned int. So I redefined __INT32_TYPE__ and __UINT32_TYPE__ in Preprocessor Definitions of Project Options. The project is that way successful…

  • Hello, I tried to get a working mDNS resolution for webserver. I modified offical demo for board Nucleo STM32H743ZI. I actually just added mDNS to IP_WebserverSample from IP_MDNS_ServerSample. mDNS resolution is working properly on windows 10 - webpage is loaded correctly in google chrome using mdns name. Unfuortuenatly that is not the case for android phone (Galaxy S21 Ultra - ONE UI 5.1, Android 13). I am aware that android didn't had a mdns resolution until recently. To make sure if the mdns …

  • Hi Oliver, I just found out that compressed version of mp3 and oga are working if I request them individually and not from index.htm. Actually, compressing already compressed files such as mp3 and oga makes no sense. So you can drop the research on that. The important thing for me is that I can compress files like html, htm, css, js, svg,... Thank you again for your help. I apologise for wasting your time due to my lack of knowledge and familiarity with your library. Best regards, Jure

  • Hi Oliver, Quote: “For ".html.gz" this is caused by the configuration reported by _pfGetFileInfo() in the DynContent file. As ".htm" and ".html" in our samples are meant to be parsed and filled in by our template system (the callbacks in the DynContent), by configuration no pre-gzipped file can be sent for them. ” Thank you for pointing that out. I commented out that part from _pfGetFileInfo and now .html.gz and htm.gz are working. But I still cant get .oga.gz and .mp3.gz to work. The uncompress…

  • Hi Oliver, I'm using latest ESPRO package 2.62 which uses emNet V3.50.2. This is the exact line of code: Source Code (1 line) Regarding FS I'm using ReadOnly mode. I used an example file IP_FS_ReadOnly.c from this package and edit it for my case. Gzip feature works fine for file types .js.gz, .png.gz, .svg.gz, .ttf.gz, .json.gz. ,... But not for .html.gz, .oga.gz and .mp3.gz. Best regards, Jure

  • Hi, Im testing webserver functions of emNet. I tried the addon for gzip compressed requests: IP_WEBS_ConfigFindGZipFiles. I've noticed that this addon doesn't work for all file types. In my case that filetypes were .html.gz, .oga.gz and .mp3.gz. Is there any way to add an option to make these files work ? Or am I doing something wrong ? Best regards

  • Hi, Is there any future plans of supporting Macronix spi flash MX25L12833F in indirect mode (via STM32H753II MCU)?

  • VNC server how to refresh?

    JureLak - - emWin related


    Hey, I want to use the STemwin VNC server with a different GUI framework. I already managed to get working VNC server . The only problem is that refresh is not working. So is there any way I can manually refresh the screen from VNC server side and how ?