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  • Hello, You are right. Unfortunately, there is a Problem if Visual Studio 2015 is used. But we have found a solution for this issue. Change the Project Properties as followed: 1. Right-Click on the Project (e.g. SimulationTrial) -> Properties 2 Set Configuration to "All Configurations" 3. Goto Configuration Properties -> Linker -> Input. 4. Set Ignore All Default Libraries: "No" 5. Set Ignore Specific Default Libraries: "LIBC.lib;LIBCMTD.lib" 6. Goto Configuration Properties -> Linker -> Advanced…

  • Hello Rosemarie, The default functions have to call before creating the widget. Otherwise it has no effect. In this case the non-default function is the right way. C Source Code (3 lines) Best regards, Thorsten

  • Hello Thomas, There are 2 different ways to draw the frame with specified color: 1. You could change the color of the frame around the EDIT widget by using the (currently not documented) function: void WIDGET_EFFECT_Simple_SetColor(unsigned Index, GUI_COLOR Color) with index = 0. Please note that this function will change the general color of this widget effect for all widgets. 2. The widget effect could be set to none by using the function WIDGET_SetEffect() and you could draw your own frame ar…

  • Hello Hjalmar, Could you please explain in details (may with screenshots) what do you mean with:Quote: “ the cursor has the "old" orientation !!!” The rotation will be realised by the display driver. The application does not know the orientation of the screen. Best regards, Thorsten

  • Radio button

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    Hello Thomas, Unfortunately, a radio item can not be focused without having the selection. You can use the keys "left", "up", "right" and "down" to change the selected item. Best regards, Thorsten

  • Migration to 5.30

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    Hello Thomas, Unfortunately, I can not repoduce this behaviour. In emWin 5.28 a disabled EDIT widget can not be selected by the focus/curser, too. Best regards, Thorsten

  • Hello Thomas, Unfortunately, emWin has no function to get the mode of a EDIT widget. The application have to remember the mode of the EDIT widget. The user data of the widget could be used to set and get the mode. Best regards, Thorsten

  • Hello Anuj, Unfortunately, the Font Converter has no possibility to replace a character (registered trademark) for fonts with different font size. You could try to replace the character in the generated code. Like this: Best regards, Thorsten

  • Hello Anuj, Unfortunately, the TEXT widget has only 1 font for drawing the whole text (string). In order to display text using different fonts, please try using separate TEXT widgets. In the future we will implement a rich text widget for this purpose. I don't think the registered sign is very big (calibri light 72): See the attached bitmap: calibri light 72.png Best regards, Thorsten

  • Hello, How to generate a c-file using the Segger Bitmap Converter: - Open an image file (*.bmp, *.png, *.gif, *.sbmp) (Click File -> Open, select the file and click open) - Prepare to save (Click File -> Save as and select "C" bitmap file (*.c) and give a file name.) - Select format specification and save the c-file (Click "save" and a format specification menu will pop up. Select the format (in your case "True color with alpha") and click ok. Information on how to use the Segger Bitmap Converte…

  • Hello Thomas, Unfortunately, the function GUI_EditFloat() can not change the value of the EDIT widget. It can be used to enter a new floating point number and get the entered value. To implement the desired functionality I would suggest you to create your own callback function and react to the WM_KEY event. Details on how to create a custom callback function can be found in the emWin user manual in section 18.2 "The Window Manager (WM)" -> "Callback mechanism, invalidation, rendering and keyboar…

  • Hello, Unfortunately, you are right. You can not change the default font by using #define's, because the library is already compiled. If you are going to use widgets, the default font can be set using the according <WIDGET>_SetDefault...() function. This font will be used for all widgets of the same kind which are created after the <WIDGET>_SetDefault...() was called. Best regards, Thorsten

  • Calender Dialogue mixup.

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    Hello Johanan, Thanks for the information. There is a mistake in the emWin user manual. The correct prototype is: void CALENDAR_SetDefaultBkColor(unsigned Index, GUI_COLOR Color); We will correct the emWin user manual. Unfortunately there was a problem to set the background color of a CALENDER widget in a earlier emWin version, but this is fixed in the current version. For you an example callback function to draw a rectangle around the calender: C Source Code (18 lines) Best regards, Thorsten

  • Hello Chensie Lei., Unfortunately I am not able to reproduce this behavior. Best regards, Thorsten

  • Vnc server

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    Hello Johanan, Information about the VNC server can be found in the emWin user manual on chapter 33 - "VNC Server". The VNC sample can be found in the folder Sample\GUI_X\GUI_VNC_X_StartServer.c. Best regards, Thorsten

  • hello hank, Please note that a MULTIEDIT widget will use a SCROLLBAR widget if a scroll bar is activated. You could set the default width of a SCROLLBAR widget (SCROLLBAR_SetDefaultWidth()) to expand the scroll bar in the MUTIEDIT widget. Best regards, Thorsten

  • Hello, The factor of a GRAPH widget can be changed by using the graph scale object. - Create a graph scale object (GRAPH_SCALE_Create()) - Set the factor in the graph scale object (GRAPH_SCALE_SetFactor()) - Attach the scale object to the GRAPH widget (GRAPH_AttachScale()) Please note that the GRAPH widget can increment the x axis only by 1 pixel. The function GRAPH_DATA_YT_AddValue() could be used only if the value of the application reached the next x coordinate. Please also note that subpixel…

  • GUI_MessageBox font?

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    Hello Johanan, Could you please tell me why do you expect that the GUI_DEFAULT_FONT will be used? The message box uses a TEXT widget to display the given text. Therefor the default font of the TEXT widget is used, which is GUI_Font13_1. Best regards, Thorsten

  • Hello, Please note that attached windows and child windows are the same. If a window is deleted, all child windows will be also deleted. You can find the information in section 17.7.2 WM API: Basic functions -> WM_AttachWindow() and WM_DeleteWindow(). Best regards, Thorsten

  • BKColor of a TEXT widget

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    Hello Steven, Unfortunately, the TEXT widget has no Functions to get the properties / alignment of the text. We will implement this functions in the next emWin release. For now we would recommend you to save this information in the application. You could save the information in a variable or set the information in the user data of the TEXT widget. Best regards, Thorsten