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  • Here is what I tried. It sure *seems* to work, but I would like to know if there are any pitfalls to this solutions. I added a FLASH_INIT section in the memory map XML Source Code (11 lines) Then I added the .vectors to this section in the flash_placement: Smarty-Template (3 lines)It seems to format the binary file correctly. Please let me know if I need to add anything else to this init section for it to work properly.

  • Nino, Thanks for the reply. However, I still need to be able to modify where the code is placed due my bootloader configuration. I have to be able to re-flash in the field via the on board ROM bootloader chip from a wireless device. As you know, wireless communication and battery powered devices can be very un-reliable so it is not safe for me to have to erase this section of flash. If the bootloader erase is successful but a subsequent write to 0x400 is not, then the device will require a full …

  • Hello, I porting a Keil project using the NXP KL17Z128 to SES. I am trying to change the flash start address and sizes as follows: Flash Segment 1 (ARM start code)- start 0x0 size 0x400 Flash Segment 2 (Program Code) - start 0x1000 I have edited MKL17Z128xxx4_MemoryMap.xml to <MemorySegment name="FLASH" start="0x00001000" size="0x00020000" access="ReadOnly" /> Problem: However, inspecting the disassembly and *.bin file, there is still code being placed between 0x410 and 0x1000. It seems like Emb…

  • I downloaded ES version 3.40 and I am having one issue that is hard to find a good work around. In the find and replace window, results now show up with their (very long!) absolute path. This makes it much harder to read the search results. The same project in 3.34a finds the results listed very neatly underneath each *.c or *.h file. Do I have a setting set differently in 3.40 that makes it search this way? Thanks!

  • Hello, Is there a way to copy an existing build configuration in order to create a new build version in SES? Thanks, Luke