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  • We try Windows simulation " SimulationTrial.vcxproj " of V6.20 for the sample code GUI_MEMDEV_PunchOutDevice on page 2465, it is OK that background color is black color for mask device, we change the background color into the other color to obtain the semi transparency of mask device, the result fails. Do we mistake the method of GUI_MEMDEV_PunchOutDevice ? Thanks

  • TTF FONT SIZE problem

    shliu1 - - emWin related


    Hi We run emWin for Nuvoton's N9H20. and try to display Chinese and alphanumeric strings by using TTF font. It is OK for size less than 128. Fail to display the Chinese string for size equal to 128. Alphanumeric characters is OK for size equal to 128. We port the code into Windows tool "SimulationTrial", build and run, the Windows result is the same as Nuvoton's N9H20. It does not seems to be the limitation of memory. We doubt it is the limitation of emWin. Do you have the sample code to display…