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  • ...and also have a look into the Ozone user's manual, in particular section 4.18. In case your RTOS is not one of those for which Ozone provides a plug-in, section 6.3 shows in details how such a plug-in can be created by your own. Does that answer your question?

  • Hi taydin, good to hear you can continue you work. Happy debugging! -- AlexD

  • Hi taydin, Ozone does not support displaying register contents as signed integer. I will add this to the list of potential future features to be added in future. Ozone does not yet allow to display register contents in the watched data window. Adding that feature is already on our list for future improvements but I cannot comment on when this will be released. I assume that your use case is seeing the intermediate values of a complex arithmetic operation that is split into multiple assembly lang…

  • Hi JulianR, great to hear you are up and running again. The next Ozone release will contain the then most recent version of the J-Link DLL, thus resolving the issue you've encountered. We will consider this topic as closed now. Best regards -- AlexD

  • Hi AndersHedberg, the instruction trace that is displayed in the Ozone instruction trace window is limited to 64 MBytes of raw trace data. So even though terabytes of trace data reach the PC (and are evaluated e.g. for profiling purposes) only the last 64 MBytes of the trace data are displayed in the instruction trace window or the Timeline window. Lifting that limitation is already on our internal wish-list for future improvements but at this point in time I cannot comment on when this will be …

  • Hi JulianR, could you please check if the issue persists after having updated the J-Link DLL in your Ozone installation? The J-Link installer for Windows comes with an option to update the J-Link DLL in other applications as well. Best regards -- AlexD

  • Hi Andres H., we are not aware of such an issue with the power tracing. I just tried and failed in reproducing the described behavior with Ozone V3.32a on a SEGGER Cortex-M trace reference board V1.0. Power sampling stops as expected when reaching a break point or when manually halting target execution. Could you please provide details? Does this happen all the time on your set-up or only sporadically? Which steps do you perform in order to reproduce the issue? Could you share the exact project …

  • Hi Traxanos, we are not aware of such an issue. Which Ozone version are you using? Could you please check if the issue is reproducible on the latest Ozone release (V3.32a)? Could you please check if your build environment is set-up such that all debug information is created and written into the ELF file? Could you please check if optimization is enabled and see if you can reproduce the issue with optimization being disabled? Could you please provide details on the tool chain you are using for cr…

  • Hi Vladi552, could you please open a ticket in our support ticket system (see my signature for more details)? Best regards -- AlexD

  • You're very welcome. Happy debugging!

  • Hi GokhanAkkaya, Ozone does not come with a plug-in for Azure RTOS. However, you may create your own RTOS plug-in. Details on how that can be done can be found in the Ozone User's manual. Does that answer your question? Best regards -- AlexD

  • Hi sckare, as stated beforehand: We do not support the 3rd party tool chain. However, so far we did not receive any inquiries by our customers that this quite commonly used feature does not work with Keil/Armcc. So we can assume that this tool chain in general is capable of generating ELF files that contain the required information. The root cause is likely to be found inside your build environment. Therefore I strongly recommend to get in touch with your tool chain vendor (or a build manager in…

  • Hi fefu, you can add a call-back function to the break point that is executed each time the break point is taken. Inside that function you can issue the export command. Triggering a command on a timer base is not possible. Does than answer your question? Best regards -- AlexD

  • Hi sckare, please find attached a sample project for our Embedded Studio IDE. With this project you can see that Ozone is capable of navigating to the place where an enum is declared. Kindly understand that SEGGER cannot provide support for 3rd party tools. In case of questions concerning your tool-chain please contact the respective vendor. Does that answer your questions? Best regards -- AlexD

  • Hi Sckare, Finally I found the time to look into this topic. Ozone relies on the debug information provided by the build tool chain in the ELF file. This debug information tells Ozone where exactly a symbol is declared. Here's that information for a symbol from a project where everything is fine: Source Code (8 lines)And here's the corresponding debug information from the ELF file you provided: Source Code (4 lines)As you can see, the information specifying where to find a symbol is missing (i.e…

  • Hi daubsi, J-Link EDU mini is not supposed to be used for commercial purposes. Therefor the message you observe is displayed. Since you are using Ozone and J-Link EDU mini only for private purposes, this is OK. If your register window is empty your Ozone project most likely does not load the respective SVD file. For details please refer to the section 4.17 in the Ozone user's manual. Does that answer your questions? Best regards -- AlexD

  • Hi refu, good to see that you already found the answer to your question in the Ozone user's manual. That's what we made the documentation for. Since your single remaining open point is not related to Ozone, please consider posting that inquiry in the J-Link forum. We will consider this thread here as closed now. Best regards and happy debugging -- AlexD

  • Hi Sckare, thanks! Will any variable do or do I need to use some special variable for that? Regards -- AlexD

  • Hi Sckare, thank you. Please provide infos on which steps exactly I need to perform to reproduce the issue. I assume I shall open the Ozone project, bring the "Global Data" window to the front and then double-click on any of the variables listed there. Correct? Best regards -- AlexD

  • Hi Sckare, thanks for providing the additional information. On which eval board did you perform your tests? Best regards -- AlexD