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  • I am using the BitPlains driver. In LCD_X_Config I call LCD_SetVRAMAddrEx(0, (void *)&_VRAM_Desc); And every works... fine However, calls to LCD_GetVRAMAddr and LCD_GetVRAMAddrEx return 0. Is that expected? If so that is too bad because it means I need to put in a workaround function call to get to the framebuffer to use to put the data to the screen. Alan

  • Actually... right here…inapp/Source/emWin_config

  • Im traveling so it will be a few more days. Alan

  • Be aware that there is a bug in v5.46 which draws BMPs incorrectly. On my setup it was a 1bpp b/w display using the BitPlains driver... so the bmp turns out as solid black. I spent hours and hours tracking it down and found the answer here GUI_BMP_Draw() emWin5.36 works but GUI_BMP_Draw() emWin5.46 not I suppose the good news is that I did go learn a bunch about Bitmap BMP files. You can read about my exploration with emWin on my blog. Other than b…

  • In the emWin documentation it says that GUICC_565 = BGR GUICC_M565 = RGB In the IL9341 documentation it says Memory Access Control 36h bit D3 is BGR... and D3 = 0 = RGB Color Filter Panel D3 = 1 = BGR Color Filter Panel. I can see that when I initialize the screen that emWin sends 0x36 0x20 .. .in other words it sends D3=0=RGB Then I can send Read MADCTRL 0b and I get 0x20 So the emWin write appears to have worked. Given all of that it seems like it would be correct to pDevice = GUI_DEVICE_Creat…