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  • Hello jking, I think I have exactly the same illness like yours. I am exactly using the imxrt1170evk revC with a very new JTRACE-PRO over JTAG/ETM interface. it is not a supprise you couldn't have the trace communication if you dont know the 4-bit rise timing setting must be "-0.5ns" (never with default value) with the measure, you may have the trace comminication if you are "lucky" sometimes. I have already created a ticke to complain the issue. 1) the trace commnication with the imxrt1170evk i…

  • Hello, unfortunately after hard discussion with NXP staff, it was confirmed, the so called "XML" file which works fine with NXP MCUXpressor IDE, is NOT SUITABLE for Segger Ozone. I have already created a ticket for further help from Segger side, if you have convert the XML file from NXP to a suitable SVD file which we can import it to the Ozone.

  • Hello, I am using the Ozone to debug with a very new JTRACE PRO. Unfortunately I couldn't find any peripheral registers information like ADC/SPI/GPIO etc. (See fig. below) What I expected is like the NXP MCUXpressor IDE offered: (see attachment) Since I am not a fan to debug the code in MCUXpressor (flash process too slow), I really want to stay in Ozone. But how can I setup the peripheral registers in Ozone for specific MCU?