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  • We have STM32L011 and L031 what shows Eeprom @ 0x0808 0000. Normally Eeprom write is locked. Application writes well before power shutdown is expected. Ozone shows hexdump with View-Memory Window (Alt+Shft+M) with correct Eeprom contents. If I modify the contents in hex window, I can write to byte/word/dword inside the hexdump. Written location turns red and shows new value. Same time other locations turn red and it seems big area outside the modified location is destroyed. As we can see in the …

  • Perfect thanks. As Nationstech does not show up in my target setup menue, I probably have to try again after Ozone version update

  • Is there a list of supported / tested devices ? I have a board with Nationstech N32G455 what is Cortex M4 generic flash controller. If not tested, are there any recommendations of other closest devices to try ?

  • [SOLVED] Jlink 5V output

    Jan_vi - - J-Link/Flasher related


    Thanks, I never used this command to enable 5V but we have a target what uses the 5 V pin already successfull. Maybe a former colleague enabled the 5V and all other used without knowing about. Will the permanent setup survive a Firmware update what occurs frequently if changing the Jlink between a Win and Linux Host ? The POWER command works with both of my cables Jlink and Jtrace, while the VTREF command only works with Jtrace although Jlink purchase is much newer. Firmware: J-Link V9 compiled …

  • [SOLVED] Jlink 5V output

    Jan_vi - - J-Link/Flasher related

    Post…gy/interface-description/ shows a 5 Volt output on pin 19 while there is no output at my Jlink on pin 19. Assume the 6 pin IC beside the uper left mounting hole is a voltage regulator, pin 2+3 have 5V while pin 6 (output ?) is 0Volt. Same behaviour at my JTrace. Is this a HW problem or do I have to enable the output in Ozone ?

  • Thanks, works perfect and should replace the dpkg -remove instructions from the manual. There was also a simple trick to connect the target: On Windows you have to invoke jlink while Linux works with JLinkExe what is not JLink.Exe nor a a Windows Exe file. On Linux jlink is the OpenSDK Java Linker what is never successfull in communication with the jlink cable.

  • Some times ago, Ozone worked well on my Ubuntu machine. After no more use for reasons of Corona, the system was abandoned and cannot connect to target anymore. As Ozone shows a big version step from V2.70.5 to V3.30, I decided to take the opportunity to uninstall and start new installation from scratch. Following the Ozone User Manual, page 30, chapter 2.1.4 Uninstallation on Linux, I tried the suggested method for Debian systems as Ubuntu should be from that flavour. sudo dpkg -remove Ozone dpk…

  • For a project using STM32L011 we want to change BOOT0 behaviour by option bytes. As this is done only once and not frequently, we wont write and include any application code for this. For Ozone and J-flash project setup we can choose the controller with and without option bytes but we cannot find the dialogue to change the content therefore.Where can we find the dialogue in J-Flash or Ozone (or other tools?) to set the flags like Cube Programmer offers this with the option bytes panel dialogue?