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  • Hi Segger, I am trying to make SWO work for SAMV71Q21B. Under SWO Viewer program, I select cpufreq = 150000000, swfreq = 2000000, itmmask = 0x07. I can see that my program is outputting debug string on the SWO pin (baud rate 1000000 ??) of the Jlink (v7.64b). However, there is no output on the SWO Viewer. But if I change CPU clock in firmware to be 300Mhz, I can see SWO output with above swoviewer command. Do you have any ideas ? Thanks!

  • Hello, I would like to enable Vector catch (hard fault) with J-Link GDB server. I know this can be done with OpenOCD GDB server "-vc" option. I wonder J-Link GDB would be able to support ? Thanks!

  • Hello there, I am considering buying an old black IAR j-link. I know the newer yellow IAR is the standard. I wonder what's the difference in hardware and firmware ? Thanks ! Screenshot: [img][/img]

  • Hello, When setting > 8 breakpoints, a block verification error showed up, (see screenshot below). What could be the cause to this ? My segger has FP support, if ignore this message, it would continue to work fine but at some point after too many breakpoint the debugger wouldn't step anymore. [img][/img]