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  • Hello, even if the font you generated is a C-file and it is located in addressable memory, emWin font engine still reads the font characters data from flash as they defined with as "const" in C-file. Of course if you do not use tricky things with your compiler. Using RAM memory is minimized. Maybe I'm missing something but in your case you also don't need to read the whole font data in RAM from your ext flash even if it is not memory mapped. Just for this case you can use GetData function where …

  • Hello, if the ext memory is not addressable then just in this case using XBF fonts seems an appropriate solution. I think there's no need in a lot of RAM except for allocating pointers to font structures. At least this example

  • I think these are not those versions compiled by ST. The packs from ST called STemWin contained tens of binaries compiled separately for each Cortex-M group used in the STM32 series. First these packs were available at their site but later were included in STM32Cube packs and moved to GitHub servers. New versions have come out until v5.44. At that point ST ended support of emWin as they started to promote another GUI library. This was reported by them in application notes. The pack from SEGGER i…

  • Oh, just figured it out. Masks "OS1", "OS0" mean compilation with / without OS support. Masks "v6m", "v7m", "v7em" refer to a corresponding ARM architecture. We may close the thread.

  • Hello, SEGGER team, A good news for me as STM32 user was the newer emWin pack for STM32 (emWin_V634g_OBJ_STM32) is avialable for downloading from SEGGER site. There are 8 binaries in the Libs subfolder. Can someone clarify a little about the binaries? I mean filename mask and correspondence between the filenames and target MCUs. Some filenames contain some text of command line features when they were compiled. Probably they are for Cortex-M4. As for the rest it is unclear. I couldn't find this i…

  • Hello, as for the getting whether the motion is in progress or not: I'd just define a variable and set / clear it when processing motion messages. Also as I've noticed the motion is blocking on its own and we need to use GUI_Exec1() for "diving into" that processing and get an access to that variable. As for the avoiding buttons react on touch when motion is in progress, oh, I think it's difficult: when you click on a window / widget first WM calls WM_MOTION message and only then it calls touch …

  • PNG image is not displaying

    cilmagemlu - - emWin related


    Hello, if there may still not be enough memory for the emWin memory pool? If we look in the user manual PNG library requires 21 Kb RAM + additional RAM depending on the image size. Your pool size is ~8 Kb as you put it.

  • Hello, the problem solved by converting YCbCr stream to RGB using the same DMA2D instead of software functions. Then RGB data flows to LCD_LL_DrawBitmap16bpp() in the usual way. Works pretty fast.

  • Hello, I'm using a custom board with a STM32H745 MCU (STemWin v5.44). The color conversion routine is GUICC_M565. I need to display some JPEG data among other things. For converting JPEG data to RGB data I applied hardware JPEG decoder that converts JPEG data to YCbCr data and then I converted YCbCr data to RGB data by software. For displaying RGB data I applied DMA2D. I call _DrawBitmap() -> it calls LCD_DrawBitmap() -> it calls LCD_LL_DrawBitmap16bpp() in LCDConf.c. Here is a screen from the b…

  • Hello, for those who are interested: the problem is solved by calling GUI_MEMDEV_FadeInWindow(WM_HBKWIN, 0); after the dialog is shown. In this case the main job of this function has no meaning but somehow it sets things right. Can't explain furhter as I use STemWin and don't have source files to better understanding.

  • Hello, Florian, thank you for the reply, unfortunately passing WM_CF_MOTION_R flag when creating a knob didn't solve this issue. The knob is still not processing the motion.

  • Hello to everyone, I'm using STemWin 5.44, here is just a simple swipelist with a knob attached to item 1. C Source Code (56 lines)When attached the knob lost its motion functionality. In this case motion passes to the swipelist avoiding the knob. Is there any ways to keep the motion on a knob? Thank you.

  • Hello, an unusual way, but clearly effective if you want to scroll a child dialog with a swipe. I'd make a swipelist in a main dialog, then add an empty item and attach a child dialog to that item. Otherwise you will have to create an additional window, then attach a child dialog to it and transmit motion messages to it whereas the swipelist already has the necessary functionality. C Source Code (86 lines)

  • Hello, Sven, thanks for your sample, works fine, but unfortunately it is not quite suitable for me. I need to create a device from a dialog that should not be visible on the screen. In addition a dialog can contain transparency so background should not count in that case. I attached my sample with a simple code scenario that collects all hidden dialog pixel data into a one device. Works fine except for one thing: after the dialog is shown when clicking on a child widget others widgets become hid…

  • Use of Encoder with emWwin

    cilmagemlu - - emWin related


    Hello, presumably it is a matter of choosing an appropriate widget and passing WM_KEY message to it. 1. Scroll through options on a menu using an encoder. 2. Select the preferred option by pressing the encoder. For ex, LISTBOX widget: C Source Code (64 lines) 3. Input values by rotating the encoder and then set the values by pressing the encoder For ex, SPINBOX widget: C Source Code (64 lines)

  • Hello to everyone, I need to create a memory device with a content of a dialog window. There was an old thread and undocumented function GUI_MEMDEV_CreateWindowDevice() was mentioned there. When I use that function I get a memory device with a content of a parent window. But how to get a memory device with a content of a whole dialog with all child widgets? Of course we can use WM_ForEachDesc() with GUI_MEMDEV_CreateWindo…