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  • hello, We have another problem. Our firmware starts correctly with the embOS 3.82u (trial). In the same condition with the exactly the same code but with the version 3.84.1(trial) of embOS, the system crashes. We have the similar problem on two different platform based on cortex M3 micro controller (one with our own cortex M3 micro and the other one with a stellaris lm3s29d96). We checked the CSTAK size, and it seems like ok (CSTACK size 2Kbytes and less than of 1KBytes are used) ). int main(voi…

  • Hello, It works!!! thanks for your help and sorry, I didn't read the documentation correctly about interrupts priority and embOS API. we have another problem at start up with embOS 3.84, I'm going to create another thread about it. Thanks very much. Regards. phlb.

  • Hello, Priorities are set to default value (0) for both interrupt. We replace semaphore by event mechanism and it works correctly (OS_SignalEvent(), OS_WaitEventTimed() ). Strange ... . If this information can help you? thanks, Regards. phlb.

  • Hi, we have a task that is waiting a signal (OS_WaitCSemaTimed()) from an uart interrupt handler. When the interrupt handler is called the OS_SignalCSema() is used to wake up the task. the problem is that sometimes all system is freezed in OS_SignalCSema(). note: we use OS_EnterInterrupt() and OS_LeaveInterrupt() in the interrupt handler. there are only one task, and two interrupt source (the first from systick and the second from uart). we have a trial version of embOS 3.84 for Cortex M3 and IA…