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  • This surprisingly worked, it's just super slow. I used GUI_BMP_SerializeEx() to copy a rect from the frame buffer then draw it using GUI_DrawBitmap(). I may have done something wrong here that I'll have to play around with. C Source Code (17 lines)

  • Newbie here. How would I go about doing a bit-blit type operation? I've got some text drawn over background that is constantly changing (game display), and I need to redraw the background behind the text when it changes. I was hoping something simple like GUI_CopyRect() but it doesn't allow copying to an external buffer. I saw a post that uses GUI_BMP_SerializeEx() and to a file pointer but I don't really understand how to make use of it for this or if this is correct as my attempts (GUI_DrawBit…

  • A value of 1024 provided the most reliable operation when using multiple fingers or lots of movement. In the full emWin UI Demo sample it was easy to get it to lockup on the Radial Menu screen but seemed stable at 1024.

  • Haha, actually I had to set it to: #define OS_TIMERSTKSZ 512 otherwise it would crash when I placed a second finger on the display (capacitive touch display)

  • I finally solved it. The default setting from the first basic example I used leads to the stack overflow when enabling touch input: [RTX_Conf_CM.c] #define OS_TIMERSTKSZ 256 // default: was 50 #define OS_TIMERCBQS 10 // default: was 4 I also modified the following, which is what the full UI demo sets: #define OS_STKSIZE 256 #define OS_MAINSTKSIZE 1024

  • Hey all - first post so thanks for being patient. I've been working with the emWin libraries included with Keil on my STM32F746G-Discovery board and mostly things are working well. But as soon as I include the Touchscreen pack within Keil I get a stack overflow almost immediately on startup. Keil's examples use the CMSIS-RTOS (Keil RTX) and I don't know if it's an issue there. I've tried cranking the stack sizes up with no change in behavior. When removing the Touchscreen pack my app continues t…