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  • Quote from SEGGER - Nino: “The emSession file will be update once a solution/project is closed or Embedded Studio is closed. ” Yes indeed it does, but when I open a different emProject, SES seems to use the last used window layout, not the one from the emProject I just opened.

  • Both .emSession files have different time stamps (correct -- when each project was closed), but the layout still returns to the last closed.

  • I just tried an experiment: I opened 2 different .emProjects (different names, in different directories), in separate instances of SES. I moved a window in one, then closed both. It seems the window layout always returns to the one from the last closed instance.

  • With SES V4.18 Windows X64, is it possible to save the window layout (sometimes called desktop layout) to transfer to a different computer, or for backup?

  • If it helps, the problem files are called: HT4_USB_Commands.c (the correct file) HT4_Rx_Commands.c (the incorrect file, that is not even included in the Project) If I rename HT4_Rx_Commands.c to HT4_Rx_Cmds.c, the problem goes away. Surely the IDE can distinguish between the 2 original file names?

  • Code Generation -> Debugging Level: 3 Code Generation -> Optimization Level: None

  • I am using SES V4.18 Windows X64. The system I am developing has a Transmitter and a Receiver device. They share a lot of code (at a source code level only). I have the Receiver project open, compile the code, download it and set a breakpoint in some place. However, when the breakpoint hits, the source browser opens the wrong source .c file -- one that is not even included in this project, but is in the other project. The disassembler panel shows the correct code and line numbers (for the correc…

  • I am using SES 4.16 (for Nordic Semi) with 2 nRF52840 Dev Kits, which appear as 2 Segger J-Link emulators with serial numbers. In some IDE's it's possible to assign a name to a debugger, rather than just the serial number. Is this possible with SES?