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  • I'll do this next week I'll let you know if works and if the problem was solved. By now, thanks for your support!

  • Unfortunately I don't have those functions in my library. The version that I'm working is: Source Code (2 lines) This version is defined on USB.h file.

  • Yan, The log I mentioned is from my application. It just print on a log.txt file saved on SD Card: - "USB Connected" when run the task USBD_MSD_Task() - "USB Disconnected" when the function USBD_MSD_Task() returns. Sometimes the message "USB Disconnected" does not happens. Is there some DEBUG flag that I'm able to show more useful messages for you? Thanks.

  • Dear Yan, I've tried to use the return after call the USBD_MSD_Task(), but I don't know why, sometimes the function don't return after disconnect the USB cable. I think that some reason the function blocks. I have some debug logs that prove it. Have you ever seen this before? Thanks.

  • Hello, I'm using emUSB Driver with embOS. My application mount an MSD device to storage some files. I'd like to know if is possible or there is any callback event the emUSB-Device provide when a disconnection occurs from USB. Thank you!