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  • Quote from awneil: “This has come up a few times before. One thing that I've found to "release" it is to unplug any dev kits or J-Links ...…Power-Fail-Unrecoverable/…uilding-in-the-Title-Bar/…-failed-attempted-at-GIT/ ” Awneil, interesting, if/when it happens again, I will try unplugging the J-Link. There must be something in Windows 10 [and possibly Lenova], I have seen other hangs with USB. But only wi…

  • I'm still having the intermittent issue where SES locks up, and when I go into the task manager and attempt to restart SES I get…60ed09deef141cfe123e939b2 So far the only remedy appears to remove the SES configuration directory and reboot. Please let me know what I need to capture to assist you in determining the root cause. As well, I must admit, I am rather intrigued at what SES is doing that resetting the system appears to be the only solution to this. Temporary…

  • Please pass along the URL to the Ozone forum?

  • Nino, Again, thank you so much for listening to us. I, for one, really appreciate how responsive y'all are to the customers! On topic, in Ozone, 2 simple things would be awesome in my daily life. And of course, if they are there, but can't find them, please point me in the correct direction. 1) Add the keyboard short <ctrl>-W to close the current source file tab. Currently you have <alt>F4, but that is not standard, and I can not find a way to change that. 2) As with the "Source Files" view, it …

  • Nino, thank you. I don't have time today, but I will add more detail, hopefully, tomorrow. cheers, thomas

  • Hello, In general, the "Watched Data" window needs help. It is frankly the one area that I find the most frustrating. 1) If you enter an invalid expression there is no indication. I have a relatively straight forward structure, see below, it is instantiated as a static variable bleContext. When I entered bleContext.serviceConntection, which is obviously incorrect, there was no indication, just listed a value of 0. Source Code (33 lines)2) Reordering the list is not intuitive. And often times ite…

  • Uninstalled SES, rebooted, another windows upgrade, and it is now running. No idea what happened. For the other processor we are still using IAR, and it had no problems. Chrome, Outlook, XMing, Ununtu on Windows 10, also had no problem. Only SES had an issue. Hope I do not see this again, well over an hour of life I can't get back.

  • This is the file it creates on start in my user directory. C:\Users\temberson\AppData\Local\SEGGER\SEGGER Embedded Studio\v3\ Where else should I look??

  • The I've renamed the project directory, and 4.12 and 4.16 still won't come up.

  • On Friday I updated windows 10 to the latest (what is offer by MS as their standard upgrade), and this morning SES won't come up. It appears to be stuck waiting for a build to complete? Please advise! I was using 4.12, and updated to 4.16 this morning to see if that will fix it. SES was closed during the updated. thanks,…60ed09deef141cfe123e939b2

  • Nino, Another thread showed an answer…g/?postID=22815#post22815 When I changed the following macro definition (in sdk_config.h), the terminal output in Ozone was no longer double spaced. #define NRF_FPRINTF_FLAG_AUTOMATIC_CR_ON_LF_ENABLED 0 NOTE: it would still be great for y'all to fix the delta between SES and Ozone though. cheers, thomas

  • Nino, Just was using V2.62, just installed V2.62a, and same behaviour. Attached are the 2 jdebug files. thank you for your time!

  • Hello, I found a possible bug in OZone this morning. In the attached image of my screen OZone. I have 3 monitors, the laptop on the far left, and 2 1K monitors. The laptop monitor is scaled (125% IIRC), and the other 2 are not. When I hover over a variable in the watch window (red rectangular box) the information popup box (red circle on the right) is scaled and misplaced on the screen. Some menus also suffer from this. I am guessing the terminal window being scaled causing the issue. In a previ…

  • No, I do not add any \r's or \n's in any of the NRF_LOG_* calls. The output looks as expected in Segger Embedded Studio, For me OZone is seems to be a better environment for debugging.

  • Hello, here is an image of what I am seeing. again, thank you.…60ed09deef141cfe123e939b2

  • Hello, I am using OZone when debugging, and the terminal has RTT lines double spaced. That is, a blank line after each NRF_LOG_*() executed on the target. The target is nRF52 with the latest Nordic SDK. I've tried looking around the options/settings and can't find anything to have the output single spaced (as it is in SES) Any help would be appreciated. thanks, thomas

  • Hello, Well, after a bit more digger, it appears the OZone application is where Segger offers OS aware debugging. And it does a reasonable job, with FreeRTOS on the nRF52. NOTE: When I first got it going, it would get stuck attempting to run code under 0x0001000. It was exercised during the call to either vPortStartFirstTask or sd_softdevice_enable. Either way, after a lot of hunting I found that the solution was to replace to functions in the .jdebug file with: Source Code (10 lines) and Source…

  • Hello, From your website,…r/thread-aware-debugging/ I did not notice SES being thread aware with FreeRTOS, am I missing something. Could you point me in the correct direction? I am currently using the Nordic free license with their development plateform. thanks in Advance, thomas