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  • WM_SetUntouchable

    volodymyr - - emWin related


    Quote from SEGGER - Schoenen: “Hi, If I get you right you want to make sure that the initial dialog (the one with _cbDialog) don't receive input when the derived dialog is created (_cbDerivedDialog), right? To achieve that you can simply make the derived dialog modal: C Source Code (27 lines)Regards, Sven ” Hello, Sven. No, unfortunately it does not solve my problem. I need to disable PID for some DIALOG(-s) and put on top a small FRAMEWIN with some EDIT-widgets and some BUTTON-widgets. This FRA…

  • WM_SetUntouchable

    volodymyr - - emWin related


    Hello. In v.5.50 there is a new function WM_SetUntouchable(). How to make untouchable some DIALOG or FRAMEWINDOW incl. all its children if I use v.5.38? The answer in my previous thread did not help me ( - it either does not work or I did not understand the answer. Could you give a more detailed explanation. Thanks in advance.

  • Quote from SEGGER - Schoenen: “Hi, In the callback function of a window which shouldn't be touchable you have to react on WM_TOUCH and forward the message to its parent. Just like: C Source Code (13 lines)Didn't checked it, but it might be necessary to add the current windows origin to the coordinates. Regards, Sven ” Hello. I tried your sample, but it does not work or I do not understand something. Here is a small sample, there is a main window, there is a button on it, pressing this button cre…

  • Hello. How to make FRAMEWIN or DIALOG untouchable (insensitive to all mouse/touchpad events including all child-widgets)? I know that Ver. 5.50 already has the function WM_SetUntouchable(). But we are using 5.38.

  • Quote from Ross Lee: “When I design UI with emwin, I find that I can implement my interface with either frame, window or dialog, so my question is what's the difference between these three types? What is the application scenario for each type? Thank you. ” From my own experience: WINDOW - simple rectangle window for placing widgets or graphics on it. It has background, but does not have a border or title. FRAMEWIN - object, that has a frame (border and on top a horizontal place for title-string,…

  • Quote from SEGGER - Schoenen: “Hi all, Unfortunately, there is no API function yet to get the modal window (wondering why..). I will add such a function, but it might take while till it gets released. For now you should use LexasGBs solution. Regards, Sven ” I think that the WM_MakeModal function should also have a symmetric function like "WM_CancelModal". Because now there is no function to cancel the modality of the window. Also I would like to know if there is a simple and elegant way to make…

  • Quote from LexaGb: “It seems that "undocumented" message with the code 0x240 is documented. In WM.h it is nothing less than WM_TOUCH! ” O, really!! Did not noticed.

  • Quote from LexaGb: “Yes! Found it too ! But what if they change that undocumented code (0x240) in next releases... Why the collapse / expand of MENU widgets is not provided as API functions... ” "But what if they change that undocumented code (0x240) in next releases..." At this point it does not matter for me. But if SEGGER answer here it would be nice... "Why the collapse / expand of MENU widgets is not provided as API functions..." Who knows..

  • Alex, thanks for reply, I will probably think about your solution too.

  • I already solved this problem!!! There is undocumented internal EmWin message 0x240 (576), that is used for MENU collapse - you should use "break" for this message inside your callback.

  • Hello. There was a following task with special MENU behaviour: If I select the menu-item that is "endpoint" (not a submenu), and press Enter, then new dialog-window should appear, but the entire menu should not collapsed. After closing dialog-window I should return to last selected menu-item. For that I wrote the special MENU-callback (see pictures). This works well on our device with a HW-keyboard (without a mouse). But now we intend to use a new device with touch screen. To prevent a reaction …

  • Hello. 1. How to check if the window is modal? 2. How to get a handle of parent dialog window by a handle of its child widget?

  • Quote from LexaGb: “Hello, yes, I think it is the good way, but in case your LISTBOXes' default callbacks are changed by custom callbacks, also be sure to check these callbacks. Alex. ” Yes, I already did so, I check both callbacks for DROPDOWN - original and my own. There is no redefined callbacks for LISTBOXes in my project.

  • Quote from LexaGb: “Hello, maybe something like this C Source Code (108 lines)In case you want just to focus on dropdown in closed state there you can do easier: if (focusedWindow == DROPDOWN_GetListbox(hDropdown)) focusedWindow = hDropdown; without using fw_is_listbox variable. Alex. ” Hello, Alex. I have many dialog windows in my project each of them may contain DROPDOWN-widget or not. Also I have a popup window (also dialog-window), that can appear at any time if some non-GUI issue occurs, wi…

  • Quote from SEGGER - Schoenen: “Hi, I gave it a try, but on my end it is working. Which emWin version are you using? Regards, Sven ” It works well since 5.4x, if lower (5.38) then it has above mentioned wrong behaviour.

  • Hello. Very usual conditions: There is a FrameWindow with some widgets, one of them is DROPDOWN (in attached sample there is only a single DROPDOWN - for simplify). And there is a dedicated key (in attached sample it is SHIFT-key) for calling another window (for example MessageBox). If this window being closed then the control and focus should return to the widget, from which this window was called. So, if press a key while a DROPDOWN-widget is in opened state (opened by SPACE-key), then after r…

  • Quote from LexaGb: “Hello, try this code. It is for 800x600 screen example. C Source Code (35 lines)Alex. ” LexaGb, you are simply the best. These three lines of code give so elegant solution of this problem, that I have no words. It is the best solution of this issue without using any callbacks and so on. Thank you very much.

  • Quote from MikeFlyersFan: “Sven had told me in another thread I opened to try this (although at the time I was trying to use both hardware layers of the lcd controller in my mcu, but I put that aside for now) Add a callback function to your frame window, see if it works? Source Code (8 lines)” I already tried this way, it gives black background, but not transparent. I tested it on simulator. P.S. There is a way presented by SEGGER, see file ALPHA_TransparentDialog.c (folder Sample\Tutorial), but…

  • MULTIPAGE - Change Tab Color?

    volodymyr - - emWin related


  • Hello. How to make transparent dialog box (transparent background of client window), created by GUI_CreateDialogBox? I used for it the functions WM_SetTransState and WM_SetHasTrans but they give no effect. C Source Code (18 lines)Should I do something in callback-function of FrameWindow? I succeeded to create a window with the transparent background only via WM_CreateWindowAsChild , but I need dialog window (with key TAB).