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  • Hi, I updated the JLink driver today. I was able to connect to the new board using a small 10 pin connector and an adapter (see image). Thanks !

  • Thanks, I'm looking forward to it! The G4 Nucleo board has a separate mini SWD connector that (through a converter) can be attached to my regular JLink-Pro, So, even when the conversion utility is not ready yet, the board can be used with a standard JLink. Ewout

  • Hi Nino, thank you for your reply! What about J-Link support for the STM32G4 series? I could not find it in the list of supported devices.

  • In addition to what I wrote earlier, I saw on the list of J-Link supported devices that the entire STM32G4 is not supported (yet) by Segger. Again, I appears I am very early in adaptation cycle. The STM32G0, another new branch of the STM32 family, is supported by Segger.

  • Hi, I must have been one of the first users then! I bought it at Mouser :…vJTDTT%2FJyROByOTyeQMSnwm I really like the new chip STM32G4 for its signal processing capabilities so that was why I wanted to get one for evaluation. As you can so in the picture, the top of the board has a BGA chip which is an STM32F723. The debug link is a USB HS type. I hope you can come up with a solution soon, I really use the reflash tool a lot to convert to a J-Link.

  • Hi, today I received a new board from ST (STM32G474 Nucleo-64). It contains a new debugging front-end called STLink v3. I could not convert the STLink to J-Link using the existing tool, which I reckon is only for STLink v2 . "Preparing for FW update (can take up to 10 seconds)...ERROR: Cannot find an ST-LINK, multiple ST-LINKs plugged in, or ST-LINK is in use" will there be a rework done on the conversion tool in order to convert an STLink v3 to J-Link in the future? Thanks, Ewout Boks

  • Hi, in version 6.0.9 of the JLink Linux software, the symlinks pointing to the libraries are mixed up. The 64 bit symlink points to the 32 bit library. (see seggerfout.jpg) --> the symlink must point tot the 64 bit version of the library (see seggergoed.jpg) -->

  • Hello, today I had two J-Links on my USB bus - a normal and a pro version. I was using the pro version to send SWO output to the SWO Viewer programme. However, I could not make it connect to the pro version, because the other J-Link had enumerated earlier than the pro version. Would it be possible to add a command line parameter to the SWO viewer programma to identify a particular J-Link USB device ID?

  • Hello, when linking a program to use the libjlinkarm.dylib on Mac OS X, I found the following error. The path in the dylib is not correct: otool -L /Applications/SEGGER/JLink/libjlinkarm.5.10.7.dylib /Applications/SEGGER/JLink/libjlinkarm.5.10.7.dylib: Output/Release/x86_64/libjlinkarm.5.10.7.dylib (compatibility version 5.10.7, current version 5.10.7) /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib (compatibility version 1.0.0, current version 1213.0.0) /usr/lib/libedit.3.dylib (compatibility version 2.0.0, current…

  • That will do it

    Ewout Boks - - J-Link/Flasher related


    Hi, I understand that the SDK is not public, therefore I asked you to "point"in a direction The tip you gave me was spot on - I will be able to use that! Thanks again, Ewout Boks

  • Hello Niklas, thank you for pointing this out. however, I am not quite sure which SDK function I must call prior to calling *deleted* in order to pass the device name to the J-Link unit. Could you point me in the right direction? Ewout Boks

  • Hi, today I installed a new 5.10 dylib for Apple on my system and wanted to use the custom program I wrote to access the target I am using (STM32F207ZG) . My custom program uses the Segger SDK version 4.80 to connect to the target, and has worked fine for two years. After upgrading from jlinkarm.4.98.0.dylib to jlinkarm.5.10.dylib, I was unable to use JTAG to connectanymore. The following software seems to have changed in the dylib : *deleted* When I ran the same code on Windows against the 5.10…

  • Hi Hawk, I wrote a GUI wrapper around Commander for students at my school. It makes it much easier to write flash and start the GDB server. It can be found at : Best regards, Ewout Boks