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  • Hello again! When using the assembly version V2.52f of SEGGER_RTT_WriteSkipNoLock, SystemView V2.52d stops with an "Invalid packet received" error. When SystemView recording starts for the first time, I get *some* correct records until the error message. Subsequent SystemView recordings throw the error immediately. The C version works without any problems. (I'm using a Segger J-Trace PRO, FreeRTOS 10.1.0 running on a STM32H743 (without cache at the moment)).

  • Hi! I just downloaded the new SystemView 2.52f, and tried to compile it using a GCC toolchain. Apparently, the assembly file misses support for GCC. The easy fix is to just use the same settings for clang and GCC: C Source Code (1 line) Otherwise, a new constant #define _CCGCC 2 cand be introduced. best regards, Thomas

  • Thank you for the confirmation! I got my trace to work stable at 66MHz clock yesterday, and had no missing traces so far. I think, we can mark this thread as [solved]!

  • Hi! I just saw that the STM32H743 has a new 8 kByte Embedded Trace FIFO Buffer (ETF), which can be configured and used similar to an Embedded Trace Buffer (ETB). (Page 3068ff. in the RM0433 Rev 5 reference manual). Is there already support for this mode in the J-Link / Ozone? Is it planned? best regards, Thomas

  • Quote from SEGGER - Nino: “Our custom PLL init starts in the system:stm32h7xx.c in line 268. To change the PLL you need to adjust the multipliers/dividers. More information can be found in the STM32H7 manual. To get a visual representation on how the clocks are connected inside STM32H7 ST's software CubeMX can be used for this task. ” Hmm, ok.. The STM32H7 reference manual RM0433, Rev 5 says on page 3002: "TRACECLK is the trace port output clock. It is a gated version of the system clock (CK_SYS…

  • Thanks for your quick answer! Quote from SEGGER - Nino: “Did opening the example project in Ozone and get in running take hours or the search for the project? Because our projects are designed to run out-of-the-box on the examples evalboard hardware and it should only take 1-2 minutes to have trace running even for inexperienced Ozone users. ” The problem was the unspecific error message in Ozone. I do my tests on a Nucleo H7 board, where I bent up the 5 trace pins, glued a 20 pin header on top …

  • Hello! I have a few questions about using ETM trace on the STM32H743ZI. I'm using Ozone v2.60g with a J-Trace PRO Cortex V2.0 connected over USB 3. It took me several hours to get the ETM trace working at all. After a lot of trial and error, I found the "ST_STM32H743_Traceconfig.pex" file in a .zip File linked on…H7_Trace_Reference_Board)) 1) What does the "pex" file do? I didn't find this documented anywhere in the Ozone or J-Trace manual. Can I have the source co…