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Ver 5.38 - How to make FRAMEWIN or DIALOG untouchable (including all childs)?

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How to disable reacting the MENU-widget to PID-events (mouse / touchpad)?

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1. How to check if the window is modal? 2. How to get a handle of parent dialog window by a handle of its child widget?​​

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Opened DROPDOWN issue with WM_GetFocussedWindow()

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How to make transparent dialog box?

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SEGGER - Schoenen

CHECKBOX - how to change skin of focused widget

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How to realize a global reaction to pressing of some key independent of currently focused window (handling through all windows)?

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EDIT, MULTIEDIT widgets - problem by input cyrillic letters.

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WIDGET: Configuration options - how to use?

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DROPDOWN widget: how to get info if the widget is in open state?

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MENU: Menu widget - visual changes in version 5.48

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